Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book thanks to @Books2DoorUK

calming art therapy

Although we’d all love to support our local bookshops in these enormously trying times, not all of us live near to one that is able to deliver in far flung places. Consequently, when Levi at Books 2 Door got in touch and asked if I’d like to review a selection of books from their website I was thrilled to accept.

I’ve featured books from Books 2 Door on Linda’s Book Bag before, and I’m delighted to do so again, as I find their prices hugely competitive and their service and delivery absolutely brilliant. Sadly, after last evening’s ‘lock down’ announcements, I have no idea whether Books 2 Door will currently be able to fulfil new orders, but I felt the book I’m reviewing today might be just what one of you needs.

You’ll find my reviews of other books I’ve received from Books 2 Door as follows:

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Today I’m delighted to review the Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book which is published by Michael O’Mara Books and available on the Books 2 Door website here.

Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book

calming art therapy

Readers can colour themselves calm with this beautiful and therapeutic colouring book. Focusing on completing detailed patterns and adding colour creatively has a relaxing, stress-busting effect and the soothing colour palettes will enhance the artist’s mood. There are no rules or complicated step-by-step instructions in these pages and no need for expensive art and craft supplies. Readers are free to doodle, draw, colour and shade to their hearts’ content.

My Review of Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book

A book of inspirational designs and patterns to colour by Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt and Cindy Wilde and edited by Hannah Cohen.

I’m so impressed by the Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book. It has page after page of glorious designs to colour, many of which are natural images like hedgehogs and frogs, elephants, flowers and leaves –  the kind of nature known to bring positive mental health benefits. There are some more structural and abstract images too reminding me of William Morris designs, of Japan and St Petersburg or Elizabethan England so that there really is something for everyone between the pages of the Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book, allowing the mind to drift and imagine whilst the fingers are colouring.

Split into two sections, the first, Colouring, has minutely detailed images to colour with well defined lines, which will afford such concentration that all other cares will vanish. In the second section, Doodling, there are freer pages where there is more blank space to allow the imagination to run riot. In both sections, the pictures are beautifully drawn. Almost every page has a vibrant dash of colour too that lifts the spirits and makes the whole book incredibly attractive.

I’m desperate to dive right in to the Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book because it is so compellingly appealing. However, in these dark times I’m going to give my copy to my isolated Mum because I think concentrating on colouring in the pictures will distract her mind away from current events and the fact that she’s going to be pretty much entirely on her own for the foreseeable future. And that’s the beauty of Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book – it would make a fantastic gift for anyone, but now more than ever.

Thank you again to Books 2 Door for my copy.

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