Michael Morpurgo 8 Book Set Collection from @Books2DoorUK

8 book collection

You know, I love being a blogger because I get offered all kinds of books to review. Today I’m delighted to be featuring another selection from the fabulous folk at Books2Door. This time I’m looking at the Michael Morpurgo Series One 8 Book Set Collection which features War Horse. As I’ve read and taught many of the books in this set I’ve chosen to review Long Way Home in detail as I hadn’t read it before.

This is the third time I’ve featured books from Books2Door and you can read my review of The World of David Walliams Book of Stuff here and the 10 book box set Horrid Henry’s Mischievous Mayhem by Francesca Simon here.

Michael Morpurgo Series One 8 Book Set Collection is available for purchase here.

Michael Morpurgo Series One 8 Book Set Collection

8 book collection

This collection contains 8 brilliant novels from Michael Morpurgo, one of the most popular children’s authors of modern times, and comes in a beautiful keepsake box.

With Morpurgo attracting a new legion of fans after the success of the West End play and Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood adaptation of War Horse, there has never been a better time to introduce your children to his other fantastic heart-warming stories.

A natural storyteller, his books are epic tales of triumph and tragedy, human kindness and cruelty, animal humility and sensitivity.

Morpurgo introduces children to some of the bigger issues of life, often against the backdrop of of brilliantly researched history.

Description by Single Titles:

  • War Horse
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom
  • Long Way Home
  • Mr Nobody’s Eyes
  • The Wreck of the Zanzibar
  • King of the Cloud Forests
  • Escape fromShangri-La
  • Why the Whales Came

My Review of Michael Morpurgo Series One 8 Book Set Collection

This is a stunning collection of 8 brilliant books from a master storyteller.

I have to comment on the quality of how this set is presented. There’s a handy cardboard slip cover to keep the books together and I like the way in which the two cover images are repeated inside the cover too. Each of the books is beautifully designed with colourful and eye catching covers that will draw in children of all ages – even those approaching their 6th decade like me!

Having read, taught and enjoyed so many of the books in this collection in the past, I have chosen to concentrate specifically on Long Way Home for this review as it’s one I haven’t read before.

I loved this story. In typical Morpurgo fashion, the reader is drawn into the narrative instantly because of the natural dialogue and the attention to details that help paint a picture in the mind’s eye.

The characters are rounded and believable and any child will relate to George, Tom and Storme. It is wonderful how Michael Morpurgo manages to convey George’s insecurities and his desire for love and a home so sensitively that there is instant empathy and understanding form the reader. Children will be able to explore their own fears (such as being unable to swim, or being rejected) in a safe and helpful way through reading Long Way Home.

The plot races along with conflict, peril and adventure making for a thrilling read. Subtle cautionary messages underpin the exciting writing so that children can learn whilst being entertained. The dynamics of family life are also portrayed vividly and realistically, but I thoroughly appreciated the fact that George in in care as such children rarely have enough representation in children’s fiction. Reading Long Way Home will help give them status and self-worth. I found Long Way Home an emotional, compelling and affecting story.

This collection of Michael Morpurgo stories feels to me as if it should be compulsory reading for children of all ages because it has something for everyone. There’s war, animal rights, love, family, relationships, adventure – indeed everything any reader could ever want. Fabulous storytelling as ever from Michael Morpurgo. I cannot recommend this box set highly enough.

About Michael Morpurgo

michael morpurgo

Multi-award winning author, Michael Morpurgo, is one of Britain’s best-loved writers for children and has won many prizes, including the Smarties Prize, The Writers Guild Award and the Blue Peter Book Award for Private Peaceful, which has also had two successful runs as a play devised by Bristol Old Vic. From 2003 to 2005 he was the Children’s Laureate, a role which took him all over the UK to promote literacy and reading, and in 2005 he was named the Booksellers Association Author of the Year.

You can find out more by visiting Michael Morpurgo’s website.

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  1. An interesting read, Linda. Strangely, my son, Greg, never took to these books. He is quite sensitive and they upset him to much. He did read them as they were school set works and also for the Kid’s Lit Quiz he participated in.

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