Staying in with Sheree K. Nielsen

Ocean Rhythms eBook Cover Large

As we are now in that frantic run up to Christmas when time seems short and we can all begin to feel slightly stressed, it feels the perfect moment to be staying in with Sheree K. Nielsen for the evening to chat about one of her books.

Staying in with Sheree K.Nielsen

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Sheree. Thank you for staying in with me. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

Ocean Rhythms eBook Cover Large

Linda, I have brought along Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits – An Emerson-Inspired Essay Collection on Travel, Nature, Family and Pets. It is the most recently published of my three books, and shows how tender and positive adventures and experiences can be in life, if we just keep our eyes open to our surroundings.

(I think we all need a book like Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits at times Sheree.)

What can we expect from an evening in with Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits?

In Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits, I’ll take you on a journey where you’ll encounter dolphins, sharks, sea-loving dogs, soul-searching, walks on the beach, the solitude of the underwater world, gentle pets that heal our hearts, family heritage, and our connection with kindred spirits.

This book is our wake-up call to respect every living creature.

(It sounds wonderful Sheree. I’ve swum with dolphins and sharks and love the underwater world. I also miss my pet cats so I’m intrigued to find out about Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits.)

What else have you brought along and why?

I’ve brought along memories of all things good and warm, like crackling bonfires on the beach, the feel of sand between your toes, and how important it is to find your own inspirational spot that gives you peace. For me, it’s the Kindred Spirit Bench and Mailbox near Bird Island, South Carolina.

(Wise words Sheree. Being out in nature is such a healing experience.)

In Search of my Kindred Spirit Russell, flag, Kindred Spirit blkwht

I’ve also brought along the photo that complements the lead-in essay titled Finding My Kindred Spirit where I search for my own spiritual place where creative juices flow. The photo shows my husband sitting on the weathered bench, penning a letter to his friend Wil, who passed away suddenly. The flag waving in the background, the dunes, the color of the sky, the location of the mailbox, all help create the mood of the photo that ultimately led me to write the essay.

(That’s a wonderful memory captured by your camera.)

I love how Sandy Gingras, author/illustrator Walks on the Beach and Lessons of a Turtle says it perfectly in her endorsement of Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits:

Sheree Nielsen gets it. She’s a gatherer of details and lovely moments – of beachy beauty, of good people and their kind words, of gentle animals. She loves what should be loved in life. She honors what should be honored. She seems to live the way we all should live. Reading her essays reminded me how to live better.

(I think that’s a fantastic endorsement from Sandy. At a time when life can feel commercialised and meaningless, this is a very important message in Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits.)

My hope is that whoever reads the book can use these essays as a foundation to link the universal beauty to their own experiences, and find themselves, awaking the majesty of Earth within their soul!

You’ve certainly encouraged me to step back from the pace a little Sheree. Thanks so much for staying in with me and telling me all about Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits. I’ve really enjoyed our evening.

Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits

Ocean Rhythms eBook Cover Large

Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits is a reminder to be present in the moment, live life with abandon, invariably respecting nature, animals and people.

Join Sheree K. Nielsen, 2015 Da Vinci Eye Award Winner (Folly Beach Dances) on a journey as she awakens the wanderlust in her soul, defines moments of clarity while walking on the beach, finds solitude diving with sharks and dolphins, and befriends sea-loving dogs. She’ll reveal her strong connection to family and beloved pets, the beauty in a mimosa tree, and the kindred spirit that lives in all of us. A unique essay collection of all things warm and good inspired by the author’s love for Emerson. Complementary photographs by Sheree are included at the end of each essay, with a few seafaring friend’s photographs as well.

Location of essays include the Carolinas, Florida, Caribbean, and the Midwest.

Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits is available for purchase here.

About Sheree K. Nielsen


Sheree K. Nielsen is Author/Photographer of 2015 Da Vinci Eye Award Winner, Folly Beach Dances, a ‘healing’ coffee table book inspired by the rhythm of the sea and her lymphoma journey; coauthor of, Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat, a picture book about a sweet cat who learns to overcome her handicap, build confidence and discovers she’s okay just the way she is; and Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits – An Emerson-Inspired Essay Collection on Travel, Nature, Family and Pets – a reminder to be present in the moment, live life with wild abandon, invariably respecting, every living thing.

An award-winning author, poet and photographer, publications include AAA Southern TravelerAAA Midwest TravelerSouthern Writers MagazineSouth and North Brunswick MagazineLong Weekends, Missouri LifeBreaking SadProud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, and many other anthologies, newspapers, and websites across the nation.

She’s dove with sharks, dolphins, stingrays, turtles, had her toes bitten by iguanas, met Triple Crown winning jockeys, participated in David Copperfield’s disappearing act “13”, survived Tropical Storm Jerry on a liveaboard, and walked on a disappearing sand bar.

When not writing, she’s usually discovering new beaches and coffeehouses with her husband, and two goofy dogs. Four content cats round out her family on three acres in Missouri.

She has an uncontrollable dependency on dark chocolate.

You can find Sheree on Facebook and Instagram, follow her on Twitter @ShereeKNielsen and visit her website.

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