Mondays In October by Sheree K. Nielsen

Mondays in October

Many of you know that I used to be an assistant alongside my wonderful photographer husband some years ago, so when Sheree K. Nielsen told me about her new book of poetry and photography Mondays In October I simply had to take a look. My grateful thanks to Sheree for sending me a copy in return for an honest review and an apology that this review is on a Wednesday in November rather than a Monday in October!

Sheree last featured on Linda’s Book Bag when we stayed in together to chat all about her book Ocean Rhythms: Kindred Spirits in a post you can read here.

Mondays In October is available for purchase directly from the publisher or here.

Mondays In October

Mondays in October

Soulful as a cricket’s song serenading a marsh at sunset, two lovers dancing the tango in the sand, or the wind’s harmonies causing waves to lap to shore, Sheree K. Nielsen’s collection of poems and photographs, Mondays in October, suggests easy movements in nature, and a time for us to slow down—like autumn—and imagine a simpler life.

Mondays in October embraces Sheree’s unmistakable love songs for the beach, and her eternal companion—water—and the vulnerable, blissful, sensual rhythms connecting them.

My Review of Mondays In October

A series of photographic images with poems.

From the moment I realised this book is partly dedicated to nurses who helped Sheree K. Nielsen through her chemotherapy it touched me and that feeling of connection lasted throughout because it is such a lovely book.

I’d like to begin by mentioning the images in Mondays In October. They are incredibly beautiful, reflecting those elements that can enhance an individual’s mental and physical health depicting family, friends, pets and nature – all the things shown to help us lead happier lives. It was the photographs of water and beaches that I enjoyed the most and I could see them being used as a focus for meditation. I found myself feeling calmer simply by viewing them.

I adored the quality of Sheree K. Nielsen’s poetry. Many poems, such as THEIR FOURTH DATE, embody an entire narrative just as successfully as any short story or longer prose. Sheree K. Nielsen’s metaphors, such as the link between a conch and a human body, are sensitive, creative and frequently emotionally touching. Whilst the author conveys the fragility and insignificance of humans in the wider universe, she also displays their strength and resilience so that I found exploring Mondays In October a very uplifting experience. The writing is incredibly visual and beautiful with colour, movement and shape weaving through the verse. The poems employ poetic techniques with seamless skill to enhance their meaning. I found the alliterative repetition of B in in BE-ING, for example, created a rhythm that perfectly echoed the elements being described.

Mondays In October is a beautiful book, not just because of the lovely images it contains, but also because the poetry embodies a positive spirit that I found calming, engaging and soothing. It would make a wonderful gift for a troubled soul. I loved it.

About Sheree K. Nielsen


Sheree K. Nielsen is Author/Photographer of 2015 Da Vinci Eye Award Winner, Folly Beach Dances, a ‘healing’ coffee table book inspired by the rhythm of the sea and her lymphoma journey; coauthor of, Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat, a picture book about a sweet cat who learns to overcome her handicap, build confidence and discovers she’s okay just the way she is; and Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits – An Emerson-Inspired Essay Collection on Travel, Nature, Family and Pets – a reminder to be present in the moment, live life with wild abandon, invariably respecting, every living thing.

An award-winning author, poet and photographer, publications include AAA Southern TravelerAAA Midwest TravelerSouthern Writers MagazineSouth and North Brunswick MagazineLong Weekends, Missouri LifeBreaking SadProud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, and many other anthologies, newspapers, and websites across the nation.

She’s dove with sharks, dolphins, stingrays, turtles, had her toes bitten by iguanas, met Triple Crown winning jockeys, participated in David Copperfield’s disappearing act “13”, survived Tropical Storm Jerry on a liveaboard, and walked on a disappearing sand bar.

When not writing, she’s usually discovering new beaches and coffeehouses with her husband, and two goofy dogs. Four content cats round out her family on three acres in Missouri.

She has an uncontrollable dependency on dark chocolate.

You can find out more about Sheree on Facebook and Instagram, follow her on Twitter @ShereeKNielsen and visit her website.

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