Not Yet A Yeti by Lou Treleaven and Illustrated by Tony Neal


My enormous thanks to Val at Maverick Children’s Books for a copy of Not Yet A Yeti by Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Tony Neal in return for an honest review. I’m sharing my review today because my Dad was called George, was one of the unicorns of life, and today would have been his 89th birthday. I miss him.

Published on 28th September 2018, Not Yet A Yeti is available for purchase here.

Not Yet A Yeti


All of George’s family are yetis, except for George.

George doesn’t fancy chasing ramblers or luring stray hikers to their doom.

Perhaps he has something else in mind?

My Review of Not Yet A Yeti

George wonders when he will be a yeti like the rest of his family.

Oh, this is a lovely children’s book. In common with all the Maverick children’s books I’ve read, Not Yet A Yeti is beautifully presented with glorious illustrations and a high quality feel.

There’s a smashing format of George asking questions that will be familiar to young children so that they will instantly feel comfortable with the story, even when George’s yeti family are being frightening to walkers in the hills.

What is so appealing about Not Yet A Yeti is the wonderful message that being different is not a bad thing. George doesn’t want to terrify walkers. Instead he wants to be a unicorn and rescue people. I loved the way there is a contrast between the cool images of some of the yeti pages and the glorious colour of George’s individual pages so that his difference is celebrated visually as well as through the text.

The language is so well balanced with challenge in some of the vocabulary like ‘survive’ and ‘massive’ as well as familiarity and repetition, making for a book that can be shared at home or in school or can be read independently as children become more confident.

Without wishing to go too far, I think Not Yet a Yeti would be super to share with children of indeterminate gender or who are adopted as the story makes it clear that it is perfectly acceptable to be different and reading it would enhance their self worth and esteem.

I think Not Yet A Yeti is a book that will soon become a firm favourite with adults and children alike. I loved it.

About Lou Treleaven


Lou Treleaven writes picture books and junior fiction and is published by Maverick Arts Publishing. Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip was chosen for the Roald Dahl themed summer reading challenge in 2016 and Letter to Pluto has been selected as part of a school reading scheme. Lou also writes plays licensed through Lazy Bee Scripts, blogs here and runs a critique service.

You can follow Lou on Twitter @LouTreleaven.

About Tony Neal

tony neal

Tony Neal lives in Leicestershire and is a graphic designer and illustrator working for publishing clients all over the world.

You can follow Tony on Twitter @Tonynealart and visit his website for more details.

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