Dear Mr Pop Star by Derek and Dave Philpott


My enormous thanks to Dave Philpott for inviting me to be part of the blogtour for Dear Mr Pop Star and for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Published by Unbound on 20th September 2018, Dear Mr Pop Star is available for purchase here.

Dear Mr Pop Star


A collection of hilarious letters to iconic pop and rock stars with fantastic in-on-the-joke replies from the artists themselves: Eurythmics, Heaven 17, Deep Purple, Devo, Dr. Hook and many, many more…

For more than a decade, Derek Philpott and his son, Dave, have been writing deliberately deranged letters to pop stars from the 1960s to the 90s to take issue with the lyrics of some of their best-known songs. They miss the point as often as they hit it.

But then, to their great surprise, the pop stars started writing back…

Dear Mr Pop Star contains 100 of Derek and Dave’s greatest hits, including correspondence with Katrina and the Waves, Tears for Fears, Squeeze, The Housemartins, Suzi Quatro, Devo, Deep Purple, Nik Kershaw, T’Pau, Human League, Eurythmics, Wang Chung, EMF, Mott the Hoople, Heaven 17, Jesus Jones, Johnny Hates Jazz, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, Chesney Hawkes and many, many more.

My Review of Dear Mr Pop Star

A compendium of letters and emails to, with replies from, famous music artists.

I have no idea how to write this review! Dear Mr Pop Star is utterly bonkers, hugely entertaining and often hilariously funny.

Normally I’d comment on plot but in this case there isn’t one (unless you might like to say that the authors have completely lost theirs!) What there is, however, is a fabulous reminder of songs and artists I’d forgotten about so that reading Dear My Pop Star brought memories flooding back. For that reason alone it’s a great read and it made me smile. A word of caution here too though. Reading Dear Mr Pop Star could bring earworms you can’t get rid of – I’ve had the flipping Worzels going through my head for days now!

Not all of the references were in my musical lexicon and I found reading Dear Mr Pop Star took me off on research through Google to see the relevance. I think this added to the fun of the read.

I really appreciated the insight into modern society with themes like global warming, grocery shopping and dinner parties, all written about with Derek’s inimitable syntax and vocabulary. Even better, I loved the replies from those artists who responded in similar style so that the reader gets a sense of them as characters as well as gaining an understanding of just how quirky the authors are. Derek is a true crusader, righting his perceived wrongs and the impossible claims in song lyrics. I only hope Elton John will heed his advice… My heart went out to the long suffering Jean and I’ll never look at a set of hot tongs in the same way again!

I actually read Dear Mr Pop Star in the order it is presented but I shall be returning to it at random as a real treat to dip into – a bit like eating a small square of the best quality chocolate after a meal. I’d definitely suggest opening this book at random and seeing what you get as it certainly is a ‘random’ read and none the worse for that. Dear Mr Pop Star is a treat and one which I think is best enjoyed little and often rather than all in one go.

In conclusion, I’d say Dear Mr Pop Star is unlike any other book I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I did need to lie down for a while after reading it!

About Derek and Dave Philpott


Derek and Dave Philpott are the noms de plume of two ordinary members of the public, working with help from a worldwide social networking community.

You can follow Derek and Dave on Twitter @DerekPhilpott. You’ll also find them on Facebook.

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15 thoughts on “Dear Mr Pop Star by Derek and Dave Philpott

  1. Derek Philpott says:

    Dear Linda!

    Oh Linda, where to begin?? Well firstly let’s agree on utterly bonkers, how about that? Thank you, thank you thank you!! It’s been a delight corresponding with you in the weeks and weeks leading to this glorious appraisal and you have been encouraging and supportive throughout. Just massive kudos not just for spending your valuable time and assets, but also for such a sublime critique that delves right to the essence and heart of our insane little world…

    Who needs plots when it’s a big dipper? Look on bright side too.. better The Wurzels than Lene Lovich!

    We absolutely love that you had to google as it shows that we are introducing people to some of these bands, but.. for your delectation we now present, courtesy of an uberfan..


    We also love that you appreciate the care we took in weaving in current affairs and the mundanities of our own ‘ordinary’ lives.

    And yes, bite-size square is good.. we couldn’t eat a whole one.. and we wrote it

    Best and Highest, Dave and Dad Philpott (shaking off the pseud temporarily)

    P.S. Nothing back from Reg Dwight yet!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the sound of this! As a pop journo in my early career working on teen mags we too received some of the most bizarre communications, often asking us to pass them onto Mr Pop Star’s we’d recently interviewed.

    Love the playlist … oi what’s wrong with Lene Lovich??? !

    Liked by 1 person

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