Staying in with Lizella Prescott


Here on Linda’s Book Bag I’m really rather partial to a psychological thriller so it gives me very great pleasure to stay in with Lizella Prescott today as she has a new psychological thriller out.

Staying in with Lizella Prescott

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Lizella. Thanks so much for staying in with me. What book have you brought to share and why have you chosen it?


Thank you for inviting me to stop by! Because it’s a warm summer night and you might be feeling a little sleepy, I brought Killing the UnicornJust recently released, this psychological thriller will inject some life into this quiet evening at home. It has an unreliable narrator who will keep you guessing and lots of action at the end. It also touches on how power imbalances between men and women can distort relationships.

(Congratulations and a belated Happy Publication Day. I love an unreliable narrator so I’m very glad you’re here this evening with Killing the Unicorn.)

Tell me, what can we expect from an evening with Killing the Unicorn?

You can expect to feel a cool, creeping dread as you enter the story of Helen and Mann, a wealthy, late-thirtysomething couple in Silicon Valley who decide to open their marriage. While they seem like loving partners, you may get the queasy sense that something is wrong. Helen is still suffering PTSD from the traumatic delivery of her twins two years ago, and Mann is frustrated that she’d rather sleep or eat chocolate than be intimate with him.

When they bring Julia into their marriage, you may begin to question their judgment. Only twenty-four years old, Julia has a tragic back story and tries too hard to win the affection of the couple’s two-year-old daughters. She also does a few strange things that make Helen think she’s lying about her past and even engaging in risky behavior. However, because Helen enjoys her wine a bit too much, you will also wonder if her fears are all in her head, driven by her own demons rather than anything real.

If you’re not careful, you’ll stay up late trying to figure out what’s really going on.

(Wooo. I like the sound of Killing the Unicorn very much indeed.)

What else have you brought along and why?


I brought a soft pillow for when Mann and Helen’s dysfunctional antics make you want to hit something and a cup of soothing herbal tea to help you fall asleep, just as soon you’re ready to put the book down.

herbal tea

Given what you’ve told me about Killing the Unicorn, I can’t see me wanting to put down the book very quickly! Thanks so much for staying in with me to tell me all about it Lizella. Enjoy what’s left of your publication day.

Killing the Unicorn


She inhabited my dull, threadbare marriage and made it into something glamorous and exciting. Gentle reader, I hated her…


Since having twins, Helen has lost her waistline, her libido, and her edge. Mann, her wealthy, high-flying husband, has tried to be patient. But he needs more than she can give. A lot more.

When he asks to open their marriage, Helen reluctantly agrees. She would rather bend than risk a high-stakes divorce.


When Mann connects with Julia, Helen is relieved. At first. She likes Julia, a gentle woman with a tragic history. But her husband is moving fast. Too fast. And a series of odd events unnerves Helen and makes her wonder if Julia is lying about her past…or worse.

Helen becomes obsessed with Julia even as she questions herself and her motives. To protect her children and her sanity, she is driven to discover the truth: is Julia a danger to her family, or is she?

Killing the Unicorn is available for purchase on your local Amazon site.

About Lizella Prescott


Lizella Prescott colours outside the genres. She routinely travels between the realms of suspense, fantasy, and experimental short fiction. She also dabbles in domestic noir, Greek mythology, and Dystopian. You can read her work and weirdness on Medium.

When she’s not dreaming up new ways to torture fairy princesses, Lizella writes corporate copy under a different pseudonym and tries to keep up with one husband, two kids, and four large dogs.

You’ll find Lizella on GoodreadsFacebook and Medium and you can follow her on Twitter @LizellaPrescott. There’s more information on Lizella’s website too.

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