A Rancher for Rosie by Molly Ann Wishlade


I have read very few erotic romances and, if I’m totally honest, have always been rather contemptuous of the genre. So, when the opportunity arose to read ahead of the publication of ‘A Rancher for Rosie’ by Molly Ann Wishlade I thought it would be interesting to consider a different style. I have to admit that my preconceived ideas were both misplaced and wrong.

‘A Rancher for Rosie’ is the second in the ‘Duggans of Montana’ series. Rosie loves Joshua, but he is younger than she and obliged to uphold the family name by conforming to his parents’ wishes. Unfortunately for their relationship, these wishes do not include marrying an older, and possibly barren, woman.

Despite being a novella, ‘A Rancher for Rosie’ has a well developed plot with plenty of action so that events race along to a highly satisfying conclusion. There are references to the first book in the series and I intend to read that too now but this book can be read as a stand alone story.

The characters are precisely defined and I found myself wondering what had happened to them, Catherine in particular, in the first Duggan book. There’s a good sense of the era through both the characters and setting.

The scenes of an erotic or sexual content are sensitively portrayed and highly effective and I think regular readers of this genre would love the book. My only complaint is that Joshua is too fair for my taste as I prefer dark haired men!

Whilst all the elements one would expect for this genre are present, what I hadn’t anticipated was the high quality of the writing. Hooks at the end of each chapter keep the reader interested. Conversation is natural and engaging and descriptions convey place extremely well.

A Rancher for Rosie is published on 4th August by Totally Bound Publishing and I wholeheartedly recommend it to lovers of erotic romance.

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