Her Montana Cowboy by Molly Ann Wishlade

Having read the whole of Molly Ann Wishlade’s ‘The Duggans of Montana’ series, I’m delighted to be part of the launch celebrations for the latest book ‘Her Montana Cowboy’. Apart from bringing you news of the book and some information about Molly Ann, I am delighted that she has agreed to answer some of my questions and to give away an ebook of this lovely romantic and erotic story. I also have my review of ‘Her Montana Cowboy’ below.
The story:

Falling in love wasn’t part of Huyana’s plan, but when Matthew Duggan claims her as his own, she has to open her heart or risk losing everything. Life has been tough for Huyana. From the moment of her violent conception, the odds were stacked against her. Meeting Matthew Duggan and his family changes her life forever.

Family can be close. People can be kind. Love can be good. But a lifetime of rejection and abuse is difficult to overcome and Huyana struggles to trust the man she loves. There are secrets in her past and she fears revealing them.

Can Huyana find the happiness she craves and allow herself to be claimed by her Montana cowboy?

Where to buy:
About the author:

Molly Ann Wishlade has always been an avid reader and writer of stories. Her lifetime of reading has taken her from the magical worlds of ‘The Faraway Tree’ and ‘The Borrowers’, to the Greek myths and legends,
to ‘Sweet Valley High’ and Judy Blume’s ‘Forever’, to Asimov’s science fiction, Jane Eyre’s torment and Stephen King’s masterpieces. More recently she has wandered through the vivid historicals of Philippa Gregory; the bubbly, gritty delights of Adele Parks and the fast paced thrillers of James Patterson. She loves getting lost in a novel and often regrets finishing one as the characters are usually missed like old friends. She regularly indulges her insatiable hunger for romance and passion in the delicious worlds created by romantic novelists and is working on several of her own!

What precious spare time she has is spent with her family (one gorgeous husband and two bright and beautiful children), taking long walks around the beautiful Welsh countryside (although she’s still waiting for the rescue greyhound she wants to accompany her), cooking her own secret recipe curries, drinking Earl Grey (in copious amounts) and discovering delicious wines. Oh, and she also loves to ski and can’t wait to go again! And buying shoes!

She wants to take readers on the rollercoaster that is life through the creation of her own characters, relationships and worlds. She appreciates feedback, recipes and wine recommendations.

Here Molly Ann answers my questions about her books:

Congratulations on the publication of Her Montana Cowboy. Thank you so much for agreeing to answer questions on my blog today.

Thanks so much for having me over, Linda!

Firstly, please could you tell readers a little about yourself?

I’m a wife, mother, author and teacher. I live in Wales in the UK with my family – my husband, two children, two dogs and four bearded dragons. I write erotic romance and have written contemporary stories but I have a passion for writing historical romance, especially westerns.

I know that you have a very busy life, so how do you manage to fit in your writing and what are your writing routines?

I write whenever and wherever I can. I constantly make notes on my IPhone, in note books (there’s one in every room, including the bathroom!) and even on the back of receipts if that’s all there is available. It’s hard fitting writing in around my busy life but writing is my creative outlet and I’d be unhappy if I didn’t do it.

If you had a 60 second speed date with a reader, what would you tell them about your books?

My books are about life and love. I enjoy exploring the ‘what if’ by setting my stories in different times and places. I aim to write hot, sensual romance packed with emotion and with characters readers can identify with.

Why did you decide to set your books in Montana and this era and how do you make sure you get the details accurate?

I love historical cowboy stories; I always have. I used to watch Saturday afternoon westerns with my granny as a child and it influenced my desire to set my stories in a time and place when life was tough and when people had to work hard just to survive. They had to carve out their lives in a land that was still so untamed. I adore being out in the wild (although it’s mountain walks here in Wales) because I like the sense of freedom it brings. It reminds me how insignificant we are with all our troubles and worries in this life; it reinforces my understanding of how we’re all just a part of something much bigger. It helps me to put things into perspective. I chose Montana because it’s such a beautiful place, one I hope to visit in the future.

I also research – a lot! I have folders on my computer for each book with notes and websites to visit to ensure that the details are accurate. Totally Bound also has fabulously experienced editors who check each story carefully.

When I read your books I get a very clear visual image of setting and characters. Do you use photos or mood boards to help you when you write or is there something else that helps you create such visual pieces?

I make copious notes about setting and characters. I have folders on Pinterest and folders on my computer. I also use music to stimulate certain moods.

Her Montana Cowboy is the third in your Duggans of Montana series. What did you hope to achieve in this book that builds on or is different from ‘Harlot at the Homestead’ and ‘A Rancher for Rosie’?

Each book is about a different character in the series, so each one should tell a different story. I wanted to create a sense of a close, loving family while making the characters very different. In Harlot at the Homestead, Catherine and Kenan have had a very difficult time. They were kept apart by circumstances manufactured by other people and their reunion is a joyous yet painful one. In A Rancher for Rosie, the two main characters Rosie and Joshua have had relatively sheltered lives yet their conflict lies in the age difference and his family’s reactions to it. While in Her Montana Cowboy, Huyana has experienced humiliation and devastation, thinking she would never be loved. Matthew is her knight in shining armour, but she has to let him in, to open her heart, or risk losing everything.

When you began writing this series, did you have several books mapped out or have they evolved in another way?

The books were all mapped out and there are more to come. Of course, as I’m writing them, things change as characters develop, but the basic overview remains the same.

Without any plot spoilers if possible, what can we expect next in the Duggans of Montana series?

The next one will be Emmett’s story. We haven’t seen much of him in the first three books as he’s a quiet chap, but he will make himself known very soon!

Some readers shy away from reading the kind of erotic fiction you write. What would your message to them be?

Reading preferences are very personal. I enjoy reading different genres and can read a thriller one day, a sweeping Tudor historical the next and a BDSM erotic romance after that. Like all genres, erotic romance varies dramatically from book to book. In my erotic romances, I try to blend the erotic moments with the love stories and the character development. It’s part of the characters’ growth not tagged on just to hit the erotic market. So I would like to say ‘give it a go’ because you never know until you try…

Your books contain some very difficult themes which might surprise some readers, such as the choices women have to make, the problems of being mixed race or how senile dementia affects not just the individual. Why did you choose to weave them into your stories!

Because they matter to me.

Love is something that affects us all in some way, whether it’s love for a partner, love for family or love for friends. Yet I’m also interested in how women have always been at the core of society, making tough decisions while holding their families together. As humans, we have many differences but we also have many similarities too. Keeping those we love safe, close and in good health is all that matters at the end of the day. I’ve seen the effect that senile dementia can have on a person and on their family, and it’s very sad. Life isn’t easy for anyone and I want that to come through in my writing. We love, we lose, we hurt; yet there is so much joy to be had if we just grab it with both hands. None of us know how long we have, so it’s important to make the most of our time.

On a lighter note, which of the Montana men you’ve created so far, which would you most like as a life partner and why?

Ha ha! Can’t I have them all?

Each of my Montana men epitomizes the characteristics I admire in men. My ultimate hero is, of course, my wonderful husband, and many of my fictional men have elements of his strength, honesty, resilience, integrity and ability to love deeply.

Is there anything else you would like to tell readers about yourself or your writing?

I would like to thank every reader who buys one of my books. To those readers and bloggers who take the time to rate the stories and to review, I am very grateful. As an author, it can get lonely when you’re typing away at your computer, then when your story emerges and is sent out into the world, it’s a nail-biting time.

Not every reader will like every story. We are all very different. But if you do enjoy one of my books, I’d love it if you drop me a line to let me know.

Thank you for having me at your blog today! XXX

My absolute pleasure.

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Harlot at the Homestead

A Rancher for Rosie

‘Her Montana Cowboy’ 

It’s always an anxious moment when you read a third book from an author, having enjoyed the others. There is a danger that you may be disappointed. I needn’t have worried. Molly Ann Wishlade has created such an identifiable Montana family in the Duggans that ‘Her Montana Cowboy’ is equally as good as ‘Harlot at the Homestead’ and ‘A Rancher for Rosie’.

Dual heritage Huyana is looking after William, after his wife has died, and he is suffering from dementia. She is in love with Matthew Duggan who seems to have feelings for her too, but Huyana has a past that will surely undermine any love he may have for her.

What I have enjoyed so much in Molly Ann Wishlade’s writing is her consistency of approach. Certainly this is a work of erotic fiction and those scenes are written with sensuality and passion, so that the reader gets into the emotional heart of the characters, but it is so much more too.

There is an incredible authenticity of setting and time, obviously resulting from meticulous research that completely transports readers to the very ranches and towns of the time. I can definitely picture the bar very vividly.

But for me, alongside the enjoyment of excellent writing and a really engaging plot, it is the themes of social and economic history that make ‘The Duggans of Montana’ such great books to read. The treatment of Huyana, in ‘Her Montana Cowboy’, as a mixed race woman is so genuine for the setting of the book and the vacillating lucidity of William’s illness is a condition many of us face in our real lives so that we can fully empathise with the characters. There’s a genuineness to the writing that adds layers of detail and draws in the reader.

If you haven’t yet discovered Molly Ann Wishlade’s Montana world of the Duggans I urge you to do so. You won’t be disappointed.

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