The Little House by the Sea

It’s an absolute pleasure to participate in the blog tour for Tracy Rees’ latest book, The Little House by the Sea and I’d like to thank Sarah Hardy for inviting me to take part. I’m delighted to share my review today.

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Published by Bookouture on 24th August 2022, The Little House by the Sea is available for purchase here.

The Little House by the Sea

The cottage gate swings open to reveal the inky-blue sea and the sandy cove beyond. It’s exactly how Kitty imagined it, except she didn’t expect to be standing here alone…

Thirty-year-old Kitty Roberts spends her days searching for the perfect home for two… until her boyfriend, the only man she’s ever loved, dumps her. Devastated to lose not only her first love but her best friend too, she flees to the tiny seaside village where she spent carefree summers as a child, before her family fell apart.

At first, Kitty’s escape proves to be exactly what she needs – golden sunsets over warm, sandy beaches, lovably eccentric new neighbours and even a blush-inducing run-in with Cory Hudson, a handsome, professional surfer with a heart-stopping smile.

But just as Kitty feels herself beginning to heal and allows herself to open up to Cory, he reveals that his time in the seaside village is nearly up. What’s more, some surprising reactions to Kitty in town make her wonder if her connection to this place might go deeper than she thought.

It seems there’s a secret in her family’s past that is about to turn Kitty’s life on its head once more… Is she ready for the truth? And will it bring her and Cory closer together, or drive them apart?

A page-turning story that will make you smile, laugh and wish you could visit the little cottage by the sea! Absolutely perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan, Heidi Swain and Carole Matthews.

My Review of The Little House by the Sea

Kitty Roberts’s life is about to change.

What I so love about Tracy Rees’s writing is the absolute confidence that it will be beautifully written, perfectly plotted and emotional, with fabulous characters I can believe in and gorgeous descriptions that transport me wherever the author chooses. The Little House by the Sea is all of those things and more. I loved it. There isn’t a dissonant note throughout so that reading The Little House by the Sea is absorbing, entertaining and incredibly satisfying.

In amongst a carefully plotted story that weaves several strands into a brilliant narrative, is a lightness of touch that includes humour through Roly, balanced by depth of theme in the past lurking in Kitty’s family with just a tiny sprinkling of magic from Agatha that allows the reader to choose their own interpretation. There’s everything here from love and relationships, to family and friends and from ambition to acceptance in many forms. I loved the fact that Kitty isn’t defined by a man, but finds her place in life independently so that The Little House by the Sea feels surprisingly feminist as well as romantic. The plot is believable even where there are surprises which makes the story so engaging. It feels as if any reader could experience life like Kitty, making her relatable and appealing.

Indeed, the characters are fabulous, and I adored the way the small town  of Pennystrand means everyone knows everyone else’s business. What I found so refreshing was that whilst the full range of characters is present, we get to know a few really thoroughly, making them vivid and real. I thought Kitty was depicted to perfection; possibly because her obsession with houses matches my own!

I don’t know about Tracy Rees, but I so enjoyed The Little House by the Sea that I’m not finished with the people of Pennystrand – or the town itself – so I hope we’ll hear more in the future. I can’t stop thinking about the place because of Tracy Rees’s evocative descriptions or about the people because I feel they are completely authentic. I just loved this feel good, heartening and thoroughly entertaining story and I really recommend The Little House by the Sea as a breath of fresh (sea) air!

About Tracy Rees

Tracy Rees was the first winner of the Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller competition. She has also won the Love Stories Best Historical Read award and been shortlisted for the RNA Epic Romantic Novel of the Year. A Cambridge graduate, Tracy had a successful career in non-fiction publishing before retraining for a second career practising and teaching humanistic counselling. She has also been a waitress, bartender, shop assistant, estate agent, classroom assistant and workshop leader. Tracy divides her time between the Gower Peninsula of South Wales and London.

You can follow Tracy on Twitter @AuthorTracyRees or visit her website for more information. You’ll also find Tracy on Instagram.

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