Cover Reveal: Big Man Down by Michael Shotter

It was a real thrill to host an exclusive cover reveal for Michael Shotter’s previous book, The Nemesis Effect, in a post you can find here. Today, we are launching Michael’s latest book, Big Man Down and I’m delighted to share details of this latest work.

Michael has also stayed in with me on Linda’s Book Bag to chat about another of his novels, Shards in a post you can read here.

Let’s see what we have this time!

Big Man Down

A seasoned, wealthy, and powerful man, Alan Wells was poised to triumphantly enter the prime of his life when the death of his closest and dearest companion shook him to his core, leaving him in a vulnerable physical and mental state just as he became the target of a man eager to see him completely undone.

Can Alan recover and reach his full potential to defeat his greatest adversary, or will he find himself irrevocably broken and discarded, another “Big Man Down?”


I think the concept of a Big Man Down couldn’t be more relevant to today’s society, don’t you?

Big Man Down will be released on 18th March and is available for pre-order here.

About Michael Shotter

Michael Shotter is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a lover of science, fiction, and fantasy, his first novel, The Big Men, explored the perceptions, manifestations, and consequences of power as wielded and coveted by particular men in the modern era. This all-new paranormal thriller continues the story of those “big men,” while standing alone as its own unique and distinct experience.

For more information about Michael and his writing, visit his Goodreads page, find him on Facebook or follow him on Instagram and Twitter @shotterwriting.

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