Cover Reveal: The Nemesis Effect by Michael Shotter

It’s a little while since Michael Shotter stayed in with me to chat all about his book Shards in a post you can read here. Today, rather excitingly we are launching Michael’s brand new novel The Nemesis Effect. I’m delighted to have an exclusive cover reveal to share.

Let’s find out more about The Nemesis Effect:

The Nemesis Effect

Tom Hallett was an ordinary man, living an ordinary if pleasant-enough life, his world, perfectly shaped and managed by the wonders of technology and the handful of elite “executives” who control it.

Thus, the young man finds himself completely unprepared when a chance encounter and a twist of fate bring him face to face with the most terrifying event in human history.

Can a simple archivist, a keeper of the records of other people’s deeds, rise to the occasion or will he remain an ordinary citizen, powerless and subject to “The Nemesis Effect?”


Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Published on 19th November 2021, The Nemesis Effect is available for pre-order here.

About Michael Shotter

Michael Shotter is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a lover of science, fiction, and fantasy, his works aim to push beyond the boundaries of traditional genre fiction into new and exciting realms born from literary craftsmanship.

For more information about Michael and his writing, visit his Goodreads page, find him on Facebook or follow him on Instagram and  Twitter @shotterwriting.

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