Poppy’s Christmas Wishes by Annette Hannah

I’m taking a bit of a blogging break over the next couple of weeks but I’m delighted to close the blog tour for Annette Hannah’s Poppy’s Christmas Wishes by sharing my review today. My thanks to Rhea Kurien for inviting me to participate.

I am a real lover of Annette’s writing and she has featured here on Linda’s Book Bag previously, most recently when I reviewed her The Cosy Little Cupcake Van here. Annette has also featured here when I reviewed her debut novel Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café and we stayed in together to chat all about it.

Published by Orion imprint Dash on 2nd December 2021, Poppy’s Christmas Wishes is available for purchase here.

Poppy’s Christmas Wishes

What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes?

For the first time she can remember, Poppy is dreading Christmas. Unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend after moving across the country for him, there’s nothing cheery about the festive season this year.

Dragged to a Christmas ball by best friend Layla, Poppy meets gorgeous actor Gabe, who stars as a genie in a play. When he asks her what three wishes she would make, she realises it’s quite simple: love, a job she’s happy in and, just once in her life, to do something extraordinary.

Gabe and Poppy make a pact to help each other make their dreams come true. As they tick off their wishes, their friendship blossoms… But, as they discover, sometimes, what you want for Christmas isn’t necessarily what you need…

A delicious romance to snuggle up with this festive season from the author of Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café and The Cosy Little Cupcake Van.

My Review of Poppy’s Christmas Wishes

Poppy has moved to Bramblewood.

It was a real pleasure to return to Bramblewood with Poppy and catch a glimpse of some characters and settings I am becoming familiar with. However, Poppy’s Christmas Wishes needs no prior knowledge of Annette Hannah’s books and is a stand alone helping of total festive joy. There’s a real warmth and genuineness in Annette Hannah’s writing that makes Poppy’s Christmas Wishes a lovely book to curl up with – even when Poppy’s life isn’t going according to plan!

I loved the plot here. There’s a naturalness to events so that even the most dramatic moments feel authentic and Annette Hannah has a real talent for presenting really well-balanced humour and emotion so that I laughed aloud and found a moistness in my eye as I read. Poppy’s Christmas Wishes left me feeling uplifted and satisfied as I finished the book. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have depth too. Without spoiling the plot I will say that there are some profound emotional challenges for some of the characters and an exploration of workplace harassment from Brian adds an extra dimension to the read that is hugely satisfying. There are some really unexpected moments in the story that I found just wonderful.

The characters feel so true to life. I loved Poppy and Gabe from the moment I met them and I desperately wanted them to be together and have a happy ever after ending, but you’ll need to read Poppy’s Christmas Wishes to see what the outcome is! I thoroughly appreciated the way sexual preference is woven so effortlessly into the story. There’s no moralising or heavy handedness, but rather a gentle understanding of people. I think it is this humanity and sensitivity towards human emotion that makes Annette Hannah’s writing so appealing. Even as she entertains her readers and brings them happiness, she doesn’t shy away from her characters’ flaws, poor choices or inappropriate behaviours so that Poppy’s Christmas Wishes provides a glimpse into the real world of real people.

However, what I enjoyed most about Poppy’s Christmas Wishes was the sheer festive fun of it. A trip to New York, amateur dramatics, romance, wishes and, oh my goodness, the glorious food that is becoming one of this author’s trademarks, make Poppy’s Christmas Wishes sheer escapist fun. Poppy’s Christmas Wishes fizzes with entertainment and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

About Annette Hannah

Annette Hannah Author Pic

Annette Hannah is a Liver Bird who relocated to leafy Hertfordshire in the 80’s and now lives near a river with her husband, two of their three grown up children and a crazy black cocker spaniel. She writes Romantic comedies in settings inspired by the beautiful countryside around her and always with a nod to her hometown.

She worked in Marketing for many years as a qualified Marketeer which she loved as it tapped into her creative side. As an avid reader, she began to review the books she read, became a book blogger and eventually plucked up the courage to fulfil her life long dream of writing a book.

For four years she was a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s new writers’ scheme, during which time she wrote a book a year. After signing a two book deal with Orion Dash in 2020 she graduated to full member of the organisation and is also their Press Officer. She loves long walks along the river, travelling to far flung places and spending time with her friends and family.

You can find out more by visiting Annette’s blog or website and following her on Instagram and Twitter @AnnetteHannah.

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