Newport Writers – An Anthology of Poetry and Prose

It’s always a real pleasure to discover new to me authors and poets and so I’m delighted to participate in the blog tour for the the Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose. My thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me to participate. I’m very pleased to share my review today.

Published on 7th November 2021, the Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose is available for purchase here.

Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose

Welcome to our first anthology.

Since the group started, it has always been Tony’s vision to put together a collection of stories and poems penned by our members.

Please proceed with caution – these short stories and poems will introduce you to the alternative side of Newport: ghostly grandparents, a displaced porpoise, a little bit of Welshness, two philosophical security guards, a child whose food plays music, the awesome side of autism, a woman who made teddy bears in a concentration camp, and much more.

Take a whirlwind tour through bereavement, love, regret and parenthood. Laugh and defy fate as you run the gamut of life’s experiences – seen through the eyes of a bunch of writers who celebrate their individuality.

You will meet a diverse group of people who enjoy what they do and want to share it with you.

We invite you to sit back with a cuppa or maybe something stronger, relax and enjoy what promises to be a whirlwind ride…

My Review of

Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose

An anthology of poetry, prose and flash fiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose because it has such an eclectic mix of styles with something to suit every reader taste. What’s so good about this anthology is that it can be read in the order it’s presented, but equally it is rewarding simply to dip in and see what’s there. It’s possible to read several pieces over a lunch break with the satisfaction that the reader has enjoyed complete works and been highly entertained.

There are so many pieces in this anthology that I absolutely loved, especially Rebecca Baker’s Writers Anonymous and Words by Janet Williams because those pieces seemed so perfectly attuned with word craft. However, each entry is a small gem waiting to be discovered. Within the short prose pieces I felt the authors had encapsulated as many twists and fulfilling plots as any full length novel I have read. All of the senses are catered for from being soaked to the skin to associating music with food so that the anthology feels immersive and engaging. There’s also a wide range of human experience from birth, through school, jobs and marriage to death so that the anthology has resonance for every reader. The themes within Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose are heat-felt and perceptive. Grief, love, jealousy, racism, oppression, hope, joy, memory and identity are just some of the aspects running through the writing and I do feel I might need to re-read the anthology several times over before I scratch the surface of all the meanings.

The variety of style is incredibly interesting. I enjoyed trying out the poetry aloud as rhyme and free verse gave very different results when spoken rather than just read so that I found nuances of meaning I might have otherwise missed. This means that there’s more to Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose than just passively reading it, giving a vibrancy and engagement.

Adding to my enjoyment were the small biographies about each author because they made the people behind the writing come alive.

Reading Newport Writers Anthology of Poetry and Prose is an absolute treat. Don’t miss the chance to meet a hugely talented group of writers.

About the Newport Writers

We are a diverse group from south Wales with over 20 members, covering a broad age range and a variety of styles within the sphere of writing. We include poets, novelists, writers of flash fiction and short stories, plays and film scripts.

We published an anthology in February 2020 entitled Newport Writers – An anthology of poetry and prose. Available from Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

We met on Zoom during the pandemic, but have now found a venue in central Newport where we can get together with plenty of space for social distancing.

We hold an Open Mic night once a month at popular Newport coffee shop Horton’s, and in the summer of 2021 we participated in several spoken word events.

Some members of our group are available to read and offer critique, and we have a proofreader among our membership.

For more information, follow the Newport Writers on Twitter @NewportWriters or join them on Facebook.

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