Michael and the Pirates by Vincent Connor

Michael and the Piratesbook

With lockdown, home schooling and difficult times, I’m trying to feature some books here on Linda’s Book Bag that I think might appeal to families and children as well as support independently published authors and the big publishing houses. With that in mind, I’d like to thank Vincent Connor for sending me a copy of Michael and the Pirates in return for an honest review.

Michael and the Pirates is available for purchase here and in audible read by Ian Billings.

Michael and the Pirates

A story in forty-one verses that will appeal to small children, as well as pre-teens. Michael and the Pirates can be read in a leisurely way in about 15-20 minutes. It could also be read as a bedtime treat over a number of nights; roughly, a page per day during the course of a week. With a solid storyline behind it, as well as verse it is written to make it interesting and appealing to adults, as well as children, who will laugh together at the humorous parts.

My Review of Michael and the Pirates

Michael is about to go on an adventure.

I was so lucky both to read a copy of Michael and the Pirates as well as listen to the Audible version. The audio book is brilliantly brought alive by Ian Billings whose different character voices, intonation and pace make for a wonderful listening experience.

I really liked the written version of the story too and can see it bringing considerable enjoyment to children aged around 4 – 10. The rhyming couplets give a regular rhythm and pace and exact rhymes, near rhymes, homonyms and homophones all contribute to the engagement of the story as well as affording great literacy opportunities for children to discuss spellings and notice language patterns. There’s a good range of new and familiar vocabulary included. Unfamiliar words are woven into the story so that meaning is clear.

However, learning opportunities aside, Michael and the Pirates is a super story for sheer enjoyment too. As Mike finds himself lost in the mist, dealing with irascible pirates and battling a giant squid there’s such an engaging narrative. I particularly liked the ending of the story because of the potential for future adventures.

Michael and the Pirates is a smashing children’s story because there’s humour, peril, danger and adventure with lots of mystery woven in. I’m looking forward to Michael’s future adventures.

About Vincent Connor

vincent connor

Vincent Connor doesn’t consider himself AN author, as such, as Michael and the Pirates is his first ever book. However, he found it immensely enjoyable writing this book, and hopes that readers will find as much pleasure in reading it. Vincent is planning more adventures for Michael, as he seems to come into his own when he’s faced with a challenge. He leads me, and I just follow with my pen and pad in hand, capturing the moments for you to enjoy…

You can follow Michael’s adventures on Twitter @michaelandthep1 and Facebook.

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