Staying in with Selin Turhangil

My Sardinian Summer

Usually when I stay in here on Linda’s Book Bag it’s with an author, but in these different times, I’m doing things slightly differently today and am spending my time with Selin Turhangil. Selin is an editor with Hodder and Stoughton and is working with My Sardinian Summer by Michaël Uras. As Michaël is French, with My Sardinian Summer translated by Adriana Hunter, and it’s a very long time since I did A’Level French and studied it as part of the first year of my degree, I felt it best to ask Selin about the book as I wasn’t sure my 40 year old rusty language skills were up to the job to chat with Michaël!

Let’s find out what Selin has to say:

Staying in with Selin Turhangil

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Selin and thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

I know you’re keen for everyone to know about My Sardinian Summer by Michaël Uras which is published today, so what can we expect from an evening in with My Sardinian Summer?

My Sardinian Summer

Thanks Linda. With its lush Sardinian setting and uplifting story of self-redemption, My Sardinian Summer is a great uplit-meets-armchair-escapism novel, and perfect for fans of Rosanna Ley and Ruth Hogan.

Now that IS a recommendation. I adore those two writers!

The hot setting and laugh-out-loud writing turn it into a great book to pack in a suitcase for a holiday, or to curl up and travel to Sardinia with, from the comfort of your sofa – just what we all need right now!

We certainly do. And I love Sardinia. I’ve only been once in real life so this book sounds like the perfect opportunity to return without leaving home.

We’ve had great feedback from readers with comments like “A lovely feel-good story” – Lisa, NetGalley reviewer.

That doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been hearing good things about My Sardinian Summer too.

What else have you brought along and why?


Do check out ‘Le temps est bon’ by Bon Entendeur; it’s the perfect holiday getaway soundtrack!

I’ve just watched the video for that on YouTube. It’s utterly bonkers!


And if you can, pop into an Italian shop and grab some cheese crackers, cannoli or panettone! You’ll read about many of Sicily’s culinary specialities in the course of the novel.

I’m hungry already. I love it when guests bring food. Thanks so much for telling us about My Sardinian Summer Selin, and for sending me a copy for review. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

My Sardinian Summer

My Sardinian Summer

Giacomo is stuck in a funk he can’t shake – and a translation of Moby Dick he can’t finish. When he’s summoned home to Sardinia, to say a final goodbye to his dying grandmother, he’s offered the perfect opportunity to escape.

On the noisy, sun-drenched island, Giacomo reconnects with long-lost friends and overbearing relatives, relives the childhood he once couldn’t wait to leave behind, and rediscovers new joie-de-vivre within him. Never mind that he’s making no progress on his translation. . .

When the time comes to leave once more, Giacomo wonders: has he fallen back in love with his home-island? Or has he been hiding from something which he needs the courage to return and confront?

But most importantly – is his grandma really as ill as she’s claiming to be?

My Sardinian Summer is published today, 19th March 2020 by Hodder and Stoughton and is available for purchase through the links here.

About Michaël Uras


Michaël Uras is a short story writer and novelist with a Sardinian father and a passion for Michel Proust.

You can find out more by following Michaël on Twitter @MichaelUras, or by finding him on Facebook and Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Staying in with Selin Turhangil

  1. Hi Linda
    This book sounds like so
    Something I can do with at the moment. I am half Italian and love the location chosen for the story.
    Congratulations to the author. I will recommend it to others.
    Monique (author of Vestige, Hunted ,Foresight).

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