The Space Race by Liz Butler

The Space Race

One of my most loved memories is watching the moon landings on television through a shop window when I was on holiday as a child in Minehead so when Liz Butler asked me if I’d like to review her children’s book The Space Race I readily accepted. My thanks to Liz for sending me a copy of The Space Race book in return for an honest review.

The Space Race was published by Matador on 31st October 2019 and is available for purchase in all the usual places including here.

The Space Race

The Space Race

And the race is on!

Meet Cat and Dog, two fiercely competitive characters who fight like only cats and dogs can!

The Space Race is a story about the extra-terrestrial adventures of Cat and Dog as they compete in the ultimate challenge – a race to the moon – to prove once and for all who is the best.

But who will win?! Who will be left to wear the pants of shame upon their head?! And can an old dog (or cat) learn new tricks?!

My Review of The Space Race

Cat and Dog decide to settle their differences with a race to the moon.

What a smashing children’s book!

Written in alternate end-rhyme, the language in The Space Race is so good because there’s no forcing of the sounds to fit. Instead, children have the opportunity to explore language in this exciting story with rhymes like ‘day’ and ‘say’ and homophones like ‘floor’ and ‘draw’, as the narrative unfolds. The rhythm of the language works really well read aloud, but equally it is simple enough for slightly older children to read and enjoy independently.

Children will recognise the conflict between Cat and Dog as being very similar to that they might have with friends or siblings and there’s a lovely moral that working together brings a much more positive outcome than does fighting! I love the fact that there is some peril in the story that is satisfactorily resolved so that young children can experience fear and excitement in a safe environment. There’s also humour, especially when the alien is sick, as well as the themes of competition, collaboration and friendship. Added to the opportunity to discover more about space by researching the moon and black holes, this makes The Space Race a brilliant children’s book.

The illustrations by Kate Gallagher are perfect for the text. They have a naive quality that is hugely appealing but also they help underpin the story flawlessly.

The Space Race is a cracking story for very young children. I thoroughly enjoyed it too!

About Liz Butler

liz butler

Liz Butler released her debut children’s story book, The Space Race, in October 2019. Liz works in education and has previously attended creative writing courses due to her passion for writing.

Children inspire her imagination and creativity and with two young children of her own, Liz loves nothing more than settling down with an excellent story book and letting their (and her) imaginations run wild!

For more information, follow Liz on Twitter @LizButl57860113. You’ll also find Liz on Facebook.

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