Unanswered Verses by Tajammul Kothari

Unanswered Voices

Regular Linda’s Book Bag readers know I’m very fond of poetry and I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the author Tajammul Kothari for sending me a copy of his second poetry collection Unanswered Verses in return for an honest review.

Unanswered Verses is available for purchase here.

Unanswered Verses

Unanswered Voices

Unanswered Verses is a collection of poems that strives to capture the varied emotions of life in its rawest form. It aims to indulge the reader in asking questions pertaining to the three entities that govern our lives. Namely the mind, the heart and the soul. Written in a simple and lucid manner, the book is divided into three chapters related to the attainment of peaceful bliss, love and worldly freedom.

My Review of Unanswered Verses

A collection of poems exploring the meaning of life from a very personal viewpoint.

Unanswered Verses is a moving and heartfelt collection that made me feel incredibly close to the author because Tajammul Kothari articulates with a searing honesty the range of emotions so many of us feel internally but often never fully acknowledge or express.

Tajammul Kothari’s writing is actually quite simple; usually without the intricate linguistic flourishes and hidden meanings many might associate with poetry and it is all the better for it because the intensity of feeling has a chance to shine through lucidly and poignantly. Simple does not mean superficial, however, and in Unanswered Verses I found the language hugely affecting and effective. There’s everything explored in this short collection from loneliness to bullying, love to despair, failure to success, and reading the collection made me feel I had experienced the full gamut of human life through one man’s eyes. I have no idea how autobiographical these poems might be but they do have a universal resonance for all readers.

Tajammul Kothari writes with honesty from his heart. He understands that we all want to be more than ‘a whistle in the breeze’. He lays open his soul in Unanswered Verses and I feel privileged to have had a glimpse inside his heart and mind in this moving collection. I really recommend it.

About Tajammul Kothari


Tajammul Kothari considers himself a novice writer as it is only a few years ago that he planted his tiny footprints in the literary world.

After his first book An Ode to Life was well received by both the readers and the media that he found the confidence and courage to write his second book named Unanswered Verses.

The author sincerely hopes that his second book too will receive the same recognition and support as his previous work.

You’ll find Tajammul on Goodreads and he blogs here.

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