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Since I began blogging I’ve been offered all manner of items for review here on Linda’s Book Bag, (including an awful lot of wrinkle cream and weight loss products!) but I always try to feature those things that are book related if I accept something for review.

Today’s review of Bean Bag Bazaar might seem tenuous but this company offers bean bags, cushions throws and accessories that make for a very comfortable reading experience. They also do so at extremely competitive prices. You can see the full range of products on the Bean Bag Bazaar website.


A small business based in Northumberland, Bean Bag Bazaar design, make and sell soft furniture and furnishings and their specialty is bean bags! As well as a wide range of bean bags for grownups they have a beautiful offering of trend focused children’s products too.

toddler-fl-lf16-cream-1 (1)

I was delighted when Jordan said Bean Bag Bazaar would send me the Mid Baz Bag to try out and review. I chose my product on Thursday, received a confirmation email on Friday providing a tracking number and my bean bag was delivered on Monday. I was given a time slot of 10.24 to 11.24 AM and my beanbag arrived at 10.27 so I think that’s pretty good service!


I chose this bean bag because it is 100% waterproof and one of my great joys in life is sitting in the garden to read so this bag is ideal.


It’s much firmer than I anticipated which is brilliant as I find it supports my back very comfortably. Used as pictured above the bag really needs to be resting against a wall or other support, which works well, but placed diagonally it’s perfectly self-supporting as you can see from the photo of me in my gardening gear!


My feet aren’t really that big – it’s just the angle of the photo I promise!

I hadn’t realised that the cover of the Mid Baz Bag is zipped so that it can easily be taken off to clean or replaced with another cover if need be. The waterproof fabric and stitching all seem robust, neat and secure, but of course it would be disingenuous of me to be too confident here as I’ve only had my bean bag one day!

I’m genuinely delighted with my Bean Bag Bazaar Mid Baz Bag because it is light enough to be lifted and transported in one hand, and I can simply throw it out into the garden when the sun is out, settle myself down and read my latest book for review. I’m also thinking that bench behind me in the above photo, where I normally read in the garden, would be enhanced by a couple of Watercolour Palm Print Outdoor Cushions so I’m off to browse Bean Bag Bazaar to see what else might enhance my reading life!


To find out more about the ways you can enhance your home – and more importantly for me – your reading experience, visit Bean Bag Bazaar, find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest or follow them on Twitter @beanbagbazaar.

And thank you Bean Bag Bazaar for my complimentary bean bag. It’s going to get a lot of reading use!

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