Gary and the Three Turkeys by Richard Guthrie

gary and the three turkeys

My enormous thanks to Rosie Crofts at Pen and Sword Books for sending me a copy of the children’s book Gary and the Three Turkeys by Richard Guthrie in return for an honest review.

Published on 18th November 2018, Gary and the Three Turkeys is available for purchase here.

Gary and the Three Turkeys

gary and the three turkeys

The poem Gary and the Three Turkeys was the creation of Richard Guthrie, a frustrated student at Aberdeen at the time. Bored in a lecture one day, he etched out a rough doodle of an oversized young gentlemen in a baggy sailor’s suit and recalling some fanciful tale of a portly old school friend and his penchant for food and especially turkey, the creative muse was stirred and verses began to flow.

The poem has since entertained many a household dining table, been the subject of insistent recital at a number of official functions and can be found, together with some of its author’s own scribbled sketches, adorning many a wall from Yorkshire through to the Scottish Highlands. Entertaining all but the most Victorian of principle, it has proven a must have party piece for all ages, from those still attired in their school shorts right through to the blanket covered retirement recliners.

Now the Gary and the Three Turkeys has been adapted into a book and a film (featuring Brian Blessed) and a game. By purchasing the book, readers get access to all three via QR codes of web addresses. In addition the book contains 35 pieces of augmented reality which can be view after downloading a free App (also featuring Brian Blessed).

My Review of Gary and the Three Turkeys

Gary is hungry and he wants his favourite food – turkey!

What a completely bonkers book. Children of all ages will love Gary and the Three Turkeys.

Firstly, I have to comment on the quality of the production of Gary and the Three Turkeys. It’s a really robust, heavy-weight, hard back with super glossy pages that will withstand many many readings. Although I haven’t yet used all the augmented reality features, I did enjoy the sounds and animations in the book that really bring the story alive. I’m looking forward to seeing the film with Brian Blessed narrating too.

I thought the language in Gary and the Three Turkeys was excellent. The rhyme scheme works so well and there is an excellent balance of familiar and unexpected vocabulary that will enhance the language skills of children whilst still maintaining the interest of older readers. As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed the language, rhyme and plotting, particularly the reference to the traditional three little pigs, even if Gary does blow the houses down somewhat differently! I can see the humour will leave youngsters giggling helplessly and can’t wait to share this book with my great-nephew.

Gary and the Three Turkeys is a super book. It’s enormous fun with lots of added extras that I really recommend.

About Richard Guthrie

There’s more about Richard and Gary and the Three Turkeys on the website.

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