The Cave by Suzy Davies

the cave

My grateful thanks to the author, Suzy Davies, for sending me a copy of The Cave in return for an honest review.

I previously reviewed another of Suzy’s books, Luna the Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid, here.

The Cave is available for purchase from Smashwords.

The Cave

the cave

Ancient Thai Mysticism and a modern-day tale of The Wild Boars Football Team and their leader’s adventure in a Thai cave are woven together in this young adult’s story of hope, courage, adventure, teamwork, bonds of love and survival.

My review of The Cave

Based on the real life rescue of the Thai boy football team from the flooded caves.

Although The Cave is billed as a young adult book and is a quick read, I think it can be enjoyed on many levels from around the age of 8 upwards, because a great deal of care has gone in to ensuring the style emulates that of traditional fairy stories or morality tales. Language is accessible and well crafted so that confident younger readers could attempt the book independently.

The Cave is an interesting and entertaining retelling of a true event which I found had all the more poignancy because it was based in fact. I appreciated the way in which Suzy Davies made me consider those not directly involved, such as Khun Mae, and I thought the manner in which the story pays tribute to the diver who lost his life in the rescue attempt was very well handled.

I very much enjoyed the descriptive passages, especially those linked to the more spiritual or mythical elements of the story when the writing takes on almost a dream-like quality. What Suzy Davies has done is take a well known international event and bring it alive through the personalities of the boys, their relatives and the culture of the Thai people so that it captures the imagination of the reader.

I thought the themes were very well suited to a teenage audience, with fear and courage, friendship and trust all being explored through the story. I could see The Cave being used as a stimulus for creative writing or drama in middle grade classrooms especially.

The Cave will appeal to a very wide range of readers and is a well researched and fitting tribute to an almost miraculous true event.

About Suzy Davies


Suzy Davies is a Children’s Author, Romance Novelist and Poet. Her new release, Luna The Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid is illustrated by award-winning world-acclaimed illustrator and animator, Sheila Graber, famed for her work with Paddington Bear and family, Children’s Television and her illustration and animation of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories.

Suzy has also published Snugs The Snow Bear, a children’s book, and Johari’s Window, a romance novel.

Suzy has been a writer from an early age. She is a sociologist, and following her first degree at Leicester University, she read for an MA in English Literature at the University of Sussex, in England.

An educationist, Suzy was a Lead English Teacher and Literacy specialist. Suzy is passionate about nurturing future generations of writers, and to this end, she reviews books from time to time, and is an author contributor for The Young Writers’ Newsletter, an international online newsletter which is for young people who wish to write. She is also a regular contributor to The Writers’ newsletter online, where she posts her book reviews.

When Suzy isn’t behind a book, she likes the outdoors and enjoys communing with nature on the beach or by one of Florida’s lakes. She also likes to go to music concerts and enjoys visiting restaurants or mall shopping.

You can follow Suzy on Twitter @birdwriter7.

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