Staying in with Rachel Walkley on Publication Day

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As you know, I’m not taking on new blog tours or posts for 2019 until I have reduced my TBR a little bit and I do fear I will be missing out on some fantastic books. With that in mind I simply had to invite Rachel Walkley onto Linda’s Book Bag to stay in with me and tell me about her second book as it’s one of the ones I would otherwise have been on the tour for!

Staying in with Rachel Walkley

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Rachel. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thank you for having me!

My pleasure. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

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I’ve brought along my second book, The Last Thing She Said. A mystery involving three sisters who, like many siblings, don’t think they have much in common. When I wrote the book, I had in mind the expression ‘like chalk and cheese’ and because there are three of them, I added chocolate for Naomi, a sweet natured woman who becomes involved with a man with an identity issue. What binds the three sisters together are their special gifts and a rather eccentric grandmother, Rose.

(Hmm. I think you’re right Rachel. My sister and I are like chalk and cheese in many ways and yet quite similar in others. I also understand that The Last Thing She Said is out today so Happy Publication Day.)

What can we expect from an evening in with The Last Thing She Said?

A bit of intrigue, I hope. What do you think when your grandmother blows out a candle on her birthday cake and makes a prediction – “Beware of a man named Frederick.”

(I think I’d be disconcerted to say the least…)

Naomi just wants to forget she ever heard it. Her eldest sister, Rebecca, has made a collection of Rose’s sayings but can’t leave her home to investigate (why you might ask; it’s one of the secrets of the book), and Leia, the sceptic, just doesn’t care.

The mystery is woven into the family’s relationships and brings with it the tales of Rose’s prophecies, including her last one. Like my first book, there is something magical hinted at from the opening chapter.

Naomi tried hard to relax. Her sisters were right – Rose’s peculiar declarations were harmless. If they came true, nobody had seen or heard anything. The anxiety refused to abate, though. Regardless of her calm delivery, why had Rose stared right into Naomi’s eyes?

(I rather like the sound of that opening Rachel. I might have to break my own rule about not adding anything else to my TBR!)

What else have you brought along and why?


I could have brought cake, since there are plenty of references to cakes in the book, but I’ve gone with music – Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. Naomi plays the flute, like me, although unlike her, I remain an absolute amateur. She teaches and performs with a wind quartet, and this is one of the pieces they love to play. I first heard it years ago performed live by a quartet of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, just like in the book, and I remember the bouncy rhythm, and thinking what fun it must be to play.  Naomi is comfortable in her quartet, but can she break out and go solo? That is somewhere I never went, so it’s been a journey I’ve shared with her, trying to figure out what makes a shining performer.

(I’m so jealous of Naomi. I am tone deaf and totally unmusical. Mind you, when my husband used to play his flute the dog next door but one would howl so maybe it’s just as well I’m not playing an instrument too.)

You can find all kinds of versions of the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, so go Google!

I did! Thank you so much for intriguing me by staying in and chatting about The Last Thing She Said, Rachel. I hope you enjoy your publication day and your blog tour after Christmas.

The Last Thing She Said

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“Beware of a man named Frederick and his offer of marriage.”

Rose’s granddaughters, Rebecca, Leia and Naomi, have never taken her prophecies seriously. But now that Rose is dead, and Naomi has a new man in her life, should they take heed of this mysterious warning?

Naomi needs to master the art of performing. Rebecca rarely ventures out of her house. She’s afraid of what she might see. As for Rebecca’s twin, everyone admires Leia’s giant brain, but now the genius is on the verge of a breakdown.

Rebecca suspects Naomi’s new boyfriend is hiding something. She begs Leia, now living in the US, to investigate.

Leia’s search takes her to a remote farm in Ohio on the trail of the truth behind a tragic death.

Just who is Ethan? And what isn’t he telling Naomi?

In a story full of drama and mystery, the sisters discover there is more that connects them than they realise, and that only together can they discover exactly what’s behind Rose’s prophecy.

Three sisters. Three gifts. One prophecy.

Who will believe her?

Published by Spare Time Press today, 13th December 2018, The Last Thing She Said is available for purchase here.

About Rachel Walkley

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Born in the East of England, Rachel has lived in big cities and small villages including London and Bristol, before settling in Cheshire.

For most of her working life, she’s been a scientist and librarian, and her love of creative writing has never ceased even when surrounded by technical reports and impenetrable patents. Among moments of mummy taxi, delving into museum archives, drawing pictures and flute playing, Rachel finds a little time to pen her magical mysteries.

You can find Rachel on Goodreads and Instagram, visit her website and sign up for her newsletter here and follow her on Twitter @RachelJWalkley. You’ll also find Rachel on Facebook.

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