The Bins of Cotteridge Down by Peta Lemon

Bins cover

I’ve been lucky enough to read and review two previous children’s books by Peta Lemon so I was delighted when she sent me her latest, The Bins of Cotteridge Down, in return for an honest review.

You’ll find my review of Timmy on the Toilet here and The Fed-Up Cow here.

Published by Quirky Picture Press on 23rd November 2018, The Bins of Cotteridge Down is available for purchase here.

The Bins of Cotteridge Down

Bins cover

In a corner of England lies an old town.
A curious place – it’s called Cotteridge Down.
Cotteridge Down was not at all clean.
But the smelliest, filthiest place ever seen.
Festering rubbish is left on the ground.
Cruddy old carpets and boots lay around.
The smell is revolting! Too much too bear.
Even the rats packed and left in despair.
Fed-up and cross with the state of the place.
An empty street bin says, “What a disgrace!
Right, that’s it, enough is enough.
Now it is time for the bins to get tough!”

Join the Bins of Cotteridge Down as they teach the litter bugs a lesson and carry out the greatest cleaning expedition ever known!

Can the bins save Cotteridge Down before it is too late?

And will they get a Royal seal of approval?

The Bins of Cotteridge Down is the third rhyming picture book by Peta Lemon and Maria Dasic Todoric. With hilarious illustrations and an important message about respecting the environment, it will have to be read again and again!

My Review of The Bins of Cotteridge Down

Cotteridge Down is a gleaming place to live. But it wasn’t always like that!

Having previously reviewed two of Peta Lemon’s brilliant books for children, Timmy on the Toilet and The Fed-Up Cow it’s difficult to say something new and original about The Bins of Cotteridge Down as it is just a wonderful as the other two with fabulous illustrations, a cracking story and super language use.

Maria Dasic Todoric’s illustrations exemplify the text with perfection. I can imagine teachers or parents returning to The Bins of Cotteridge Down time after time because there’s so much to look at, enjoy and discuss. Children might spot the different animals or investigate the different countries on the globe as those around the world see what has happened to create Cotteridge Down into the place it has become.

Once again, Peta Lemon’s language use works so well thorough a seemingly effortless rhyme scheme. She provides numerous opportunities to develop literacy through that rhyme scheme and rhythms of the writing, also extending children’s vocabulary with words and phrases such as ‘swerving’ and ‘despair’ or ‘hatched a plan’. There’s such a fabulous plot as the bins take control of the rubbish and the people of Cotteridge Down. I love the humour that underpins the story too.

Most outstanding for me, however, is the powerful environmental message behind The Bins of Cotteridge Down. If we are to save the planet, we need our children to have an understanding of how their actions and those of their communities affect the places we live. When even the rats are so fed up with the mess they have to leave then something has to be done! Peta Lemon covers so many environmental concepts from discarded chewing gum to litter, dog mess to fly-tipping with such vitality and entertainment that the message is conveyed and absorbed naturally and effectively. The Bins of Cotteridge Down would encourage primary aged children to take a real pride in their environment and make them realise how their own small actions contribute to a wider effect. Sheer genius.

I think The Bins of Cotteridge Down is a sensational book for children that would enhance any home or classroom.

About Peta Lemon


Peta Lemon is the author of beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, published under the imprint Quirky Picture Press.

Her books are always funny, written in rhyme and illustrated by Maria Dasic Todoric.

You can find Peta on Facebook.

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