Staying in with Špela Kranjec

notice me

I feature all kinds of books here on Linda’s Book Bag for many different reasons. Today I think Špela Kranjec has brought along a very important book as we stay in together this evening.

Staying in with Špela Kranjec

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Špela. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thanks for the invitation! I read quite a few of your “Staying in with…” articles, and I’m honored to take part.

You’re very welcome. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

notice me

Of course, I brought my own book, NOTICE ME: My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia. It tells the story of my 9-year struggle with anorexia, which, of course, I overcame.

(I’m so pleased to hear you managed that Špela. I’ve taught many youngsters who’ve battled hard against anorexia.)

During these nine years, I experienced feelings that were anything but pleasant, and behaved in a way that I would never ever consider if I was healthy. I would never wish anyone to go through what I have. But, as I did go through this and I can’t erase it, I can now do everything I can to help others start their fight with a bit more knowledge and advice, so that they can overcome anorexia more easily and quickly. And I think a book is the right way – it will, hopefully, be available around the world, for anyone to read it.

(I hope so too. It’s such an important subject and I know those with anorexia often feel very isolated and alone.)

What can we expect from an evening in with NOTICE ME:My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia?


Of course, you can expect a touching story, written by a simple girl who had decided not to give up on her life, and climbed back up from my lowest point in life.

Anyone who is fighting a battle against anorexia can identify with me, find themselves in my story, realizing that they are not alone. This will help give them the boost for this very difficult and long fight, which they might not even want at the moment. Through my story, I let the reader know that it is worth fighting, that there are still good times to be had, even though it might not look like it. I know it’s easier to listen to someone who was in a situation similar to yours. You’re never sure with other people – are they only saying things because they want to change you in some way? So you’re constantly questioning if they’re even right. Also, it is very easy to be a smartass about something you never experienced. Simply put, I can say without a doubt that someone who has not experienced an eating disorder cannot know how such a person feels, as a person with anorexia will experience some new and unusual feelings that are better left unknown.

( I quite agree! Although I’ve never experienced it first hand I have seen the struggles in others.)

That’s why my book is not intended only for those with eating disorders. With this book, I hope to describe the life of someone suffering from anorexia to those fortunate and healthy. I believe this will help them imagine this particular situation, and consequently make it easier for them to offer help. Help and support are so very important for people suffering from anorexia!

(I think I would have found this really helpful when I was teaching Špela.)

So you can expect to find a whole range of feelings, empathy and reliving, thinking and soul-searching, as well as practical advice in solutions that will hopefully help you solve your problems.

(It sounds incredibly helpful to all of us.)

What else have you brought along and why? 


On this occasion, I brought a delicious sandwich, filled with cheese, ham and crispy lettuce! I can’t help myself, but every time I read my book, write an article on anorexia, work on a project related to my book, or just talk about eating disorders, all the memories from the past come rushing back, and my body wants food. As if it’s trying to make sure anorexia never comes back. I’ve already joked about this – I really shouldn’t write too many articles, as I’d be constantly eating. 🙂 That’s why I’m having this sandwich today, and I intend to enjoy it immensely! I won’t think about its calories. I won’t think about the fact that bread might be unhealthy. I won’t be thinking about miles I need to run to burn all the calories in this sandwich. I will only enjoy its taste, and eat it with as much gusto as if I were eating my last sandwich! And I believe you can all join me and enjoy a sandwich! Let this sandwich be a symbol of victory over anorexia and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

P.S.: Don’t forget about a piece of chocolate! 🙂

Let’s tuck in Špela! Thanks so much for sharing your story and your book with us. I hope NOTICE ME:My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia is a real success and helps as many readers as possible.

NOTICE ME:My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia

notice me

With her brother, Špela started the project NOTICE ME: My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia, which will be launched on Kickstarter in December. Support them and help Špela make her dream come true by clicking here.

NOTICE ME: My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia is being funded on Kickstarter and if you would like to back it please click here.

About Špela Kranjec


Employed as an economist in a fashion store, but a nutrition advisor by education. She chose this field of study because of her desire to help others. She is also a passionate mountain climber. Špela is a 26-year-old girl with a difficult life experience, which led her to write a book.

She says that her experience had made her the person she is today. And even though it was difficult, she is now proud to say that she managed to overcome something terrible, ultimately becoming a strong and stable person, trying to do some good in this world.

You can find ŠpelaKranjec on Facebook and Instagram, visit her website and follow her on Twitter @BookSpela.

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