Staying in with Lorraine Rountree


Although I blog an awful lot, I don’t feature any where near enough fiction in translation, so I am very pleased to be putting that right today by staying in with Lorraine Rountree who has kindly agreed to tell me about one of her books originally published in French.

Staying in with Lorraine Rountree

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Lorraine. Thank you for staying in with me. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?


No Legacy 1 Lucien Louis Marie is my first book translated into English by Katherine Gregor, a very talented translator who made a great job with regards to my characters, my writing tempo…It’s the first volume of a French  family saga. 7 volumes are already published in French and more will come. It’s a long story !

(It sounds as if it is with seven volumes already published!)

What can we expect from an evening in with No Legacy 1 Lucien Louis Marie?

French readers say that they are deeply mooved by Lucien, the hero. They are also happy to learn a lot about History and Past as the story begins in 1913. Don’t expect action and suspense. Expect psychology, descriptions, dialogues…

(That sounds exactly my kind of read Lorraine.)

What else have you brought along and why?

We all have family secrets, an ancestor whom we never mention, but whose shadow hovers over our lives, not a memory but a ghost. I had someone like that in my family, a ghost. I wanted to make him come alive, to make him a life, the life of Lucien Louis Marie.

What a brilliant concept for writing. Thanks so much for staying in with me Lorraine. I love the sound of No Legacy 1 Lucien Louis Marie and I wish you every success with it.

No Legacy 1 Lucien Louis Marie


Lucien Louis Marie was born in 1900, in the village of La Pardaille in the southwest of France. He lives the life of a farmer’s child. He is a sweet and deep boy, who is sometimes overwhelmed by fears and strange anxieties. Lucien does not know that he is the lovechild born of a brief and secret relationship between the young Félicité Fréreux and Yves Raversi, her professor at the Beaux Arts Academy. In those days, times were difficult for a pregnant teenager. ” I gave him away to my brother, the way you give away a puppy “. In May 1913, Lucien’s foster parents die, runover by a car. Lucien is adopted and raised by Felicité – whom he believes to be his aunt – and her husband, Constant Moine. So begins for Lucien a journey through France, a journey through his family’s secrets, a journey through the 20th century.

No Legacy 1 Lucien Louis Marie is available for purchase here.

About Lorraine Rountree


Lorraine Rountree was born and raised in Brittany France. She did her graduate studies in Paris. She has been writing for a living since her early twenties. She writes speeches, white papers, articles, commentaries for TV and novels. She lives and works in Paris, in the United States and in the southwest of France in a house full of books.

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