Staying in with Laury Egan


With so much negativity in the world it gives me great pleasure to be staying in with Laury A. Egan today as I think she has just the book to cheer us all up!

Staying in with Laury A. Egan

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Laury. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me. Tell me, which of your books have you brought to tell me about this evening and why have you brought it?


It is my pleasure to bring my newest novel, Fabulous! An Opera Buffa, with me.

(That looks a lot of fun Laury!)

Why did I write this novel? Sometimes the origin of a story comes from a plot concept, a memory, a dream, or a setting. In the case of Fabulous!, Gil’s voice came through loud and clear and demanded my immediate attention. What is an author to do except sit down at the computer and let him rip? One of the early remarks he provided was his psychic’s funny line: “It’s just a matter of time…” Gil interprets this as the start of his career, meeting a new lover, and making all of his dreams come true. Well, sort of, but first he has to go through a lot of trials and tribulations. My own connection to the Metropolitan Opera as a long-time subscriber and my freelance work as an opera production photographer there and at the Opera Company of Philadelphia (plus other venues) was additional inspiration. This book is not, however, only for opera lovers—it is first and foremost a great story for all readers.

(I’m not much of an opera lover but I still love the sound of Fabulous! An Opera Buffa.)

What can we expect from an evening in with Fabulous! An Opera Buffa?

Considering all the depressing news in the world, Fabulous! is irrepressibly cheerful, funny, and a perfect antidote to whatever ails us. There is also a dollop of suspense and a thimbleful of romance to round out this lively, mad-cap story about a young, talented opera singer, Gilbert Eugene Rose, who is hired to sing the soprano lead in Così fan tutte and, as a tenor, to star in a production of Rigoletto, both staged concurrently. In addition, Gil has been appropriated by a Handel-loving female mobster, who is the archenemy of the Così director and must also fend off the advances of a gay tenor and a lusty female mezzo soprano all the while trying to remember if he is wearing the right wig, clothes, and makeup—or not.

(That sounds completely mad and thoroughly entertaining!)

What else have you brought along and why?


What did I bring to celebrate this bubbly tale? Prosecco, of course! And we must listen to some opera. Perhaps a wonderful recording of Così fan tutte, starring my favorite mezzo, Tatiana Troyanos, who, if she were still alive, would no doubt entertain us with an aria or two. Gil also sings Broadway, so a dessert of My Fair Lady might be an excellent last course.

I’ll pour the drinks and you get the music on. Thank you for staying in with me, Laury, and telling me all about Fabulous! An Opera Buffa

Fabulous! An Opera Buffa


Gil is a talented singer who moonlights as a drag queen to pay his rent.

Like others, he’s dying to become famous.

To his dismay, he might get that wish.

As fate would have it, his two newest gigs are fronts for opposite sides of a mob war, and the crime lords involved are more than happy to use Gil as a pawn to do their bidding—or as a target for hitmen when he refuses to do their dirty work.

To avoid a swan song, happy-go-lucky Gil needs to win a game of cat and mouse in the middle of Mobster Boulevard, aflutter in heels, dresses, and wigs, with only his wits for protection and a new romance for inspiration.

If you love fabulous characters, fast-paced plots, and hilarious books that only get better as the pages turn, then this is the book for you.

Fabulous! An Opera Buffa is available for purchase here and on Amazon.

About Laury A. Egan


Laury A. Egan is the author of The Outcast Oracle, listed as a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013, the collection, Fog and Other Stories, the psychological suspense, Jenny Kidd, the comedy, Fabulous! An Opera Buffa, and Wave in D Minor (forthcoming, 2019).

For many years, Laury worked as an administrator and senior designer at Princeton University Press and also freelanced for 20 publishers. Her short stories have been published in over 35 literary journals and anthologies.

You can find out more about Laury on her website or blog.

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