La Petite Josette en Provence by Ashley Davidson-Fisher and Illustrated by Martinique Louise Fisher


My enormous thanks to the author Ashley Davidson-Fisher for a copy of her book La Petite Josette en Provence in return for an honest review.

La Petite Josette en Provence is available for purchase here.

La Petite Josette en Provence


La Petite Josette loves adventures and history and she is super excited for her trip to one of the most beautiful villages in Provence, France.

What will she find? A castle, knights, perhaps a “treasure” to take home? There’s so much to do before the trip, but with the help of her big sister, they’ll be on their way in no time.

Beautifully illustrated by the author’s daughter, this bilingual, French and English language adventure and learning book is designed to help teach children and adults basic, multi-language skills and to foster a love for exploring the world.

My Review of La Petite Josette en Provence

It’s time for a family trip to Les Baux-de-Provence.

I thoroughly enjoyed La Petite Josette en Provence and think it would appeal especially to young girls in the six to 11 age range, because not only is it an interesting story, but they would identify very readily with Josette. Similarly, adults learning French will also appreciate this book.

Alongside a lovely account of a day out, Ashley Davidson-Fisher manages to convey an accurate and appealing view of France and its culture so that children can learn as well as be entertained. There’s reference to geography, history and food so that there’s much to learn and discover here. The author is obviously a true Francophile. I could see La Petite Josette en Provence being perfect for families travelling in France.

I thought the balance of French to English was just right, affording an opportunity for French language learners to practice and enhance their skills in a way that was non-threatening and adults with little or no French could easily share this book with their children. I have to admit to a sneaky feeling of satisfaction at understanding the French even without the cleverly placed English and think language learners would attain a real sense of achievement reading La Petite Josette en Provence. Similarly, I thought the English vocabulary was an excellent balance of accessible and challenging vocabulary so that English language skills as well as French could be improved.

The illustrations in La Petite Josette en Provence elevate the story too as they are just beautiful. I particularly liked the way in which they related so closely to the text so that the French language elements such as the pic-nic items like ‘les tartelettes aux framboises’ are more understandable, allowing readers to absorb language without noticing.

La Petite Josette en Provence is a lovely story. It’s an educational and entertaining book and is beautifully illustrated. I really enjoyed it.

About Ashley Davidson-Fisher


Born and raised in Southern California, Ashley and her husband, Michael, fell in love with France shortly after arriving in Provence with their four young children in 2003. While Ashley was participating in her university’s study abroad program in Aix-en-Provence, Michael enrolled the kids into French public school and additional language-learning classes. The children quickly made friends and learned the language at lightning speed, but it took a lot more time for Ashley and her husband to make progress in the language.

In between schoolwork and classes, what better way was there to practice those new-found language skills? Adventures, bien sûr! Thanks to their little, white, station wagon named “François” and PB&J croissants (say what??!!), weekend and holiday road trips allowed the family to immerse themselves into the French culture while taking in the magnificent sights of the Provençal countryside. And voilà……just like that, a love of all things French was born.

Upon the family’s return to the USA, Ashley completed her Bachelor of Arts degrees in French Culture Studies and Business at California State University-San Bernardino. She loves traveling, hiking, photography and reading. Since 2010 Ashley has lived in Provence, France with her husband and their youngest daughter, Presley.

You can follow Ashley on Twitter @backyardprovenc and find out more about her and La Petite Josette en Provence here.

About Martinique Louise Fisher


Martinique is an illustrator from California. She is the oldest child of Ashley and Michael and has been drawing since she was two years old. At the age of thirteen she decided she wanted to become an illustrator and started building her portfolio. She has illustrated book covers, tarot cards, greeting cards, has been featured in online magazines, and has shown in galleries all over the United States.

Martinique has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts, in New York. You can find more of her art work on her website. You’ll also find her on Facebook.

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