Staying in with Kathleen Glassburn and Giveaway


I love historical fiction of all kinds, but life simply doesn’t allow me to read every book I’m offered and when I saw Kathleen Glassburn had an historical novel I had to invite her onto Linda’s Book Bag to tell us all about it.

Even though I haven’t had chance to read Kathleen’s book, I’m delighted to be able to offer an e-book to one lucky winner in a giveaway you’ll find further down this blog post.

So let’s find out all about it!

Staying in with Kathleen Glassburn

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag KathleenThank you for agreeing to stay in with me. 

Well this is fun, Linda. I always like to meet new people, and hear the stories they want to share.

Me too as I’m essentially quite nosy which is why I run this feature! Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 


I’ve brought my first published novel, Making It Work. It’s historical fiction that takes place from 1965 to 1975. The settings are Minneapolis, MN, Long Beach, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC.

(I haven’t travelled in America much so Making It Work sounds like an ideal way to do so.)

What can we expect from an evening with Making It Work?

The book takes us through the Vietnam War, the free-love counter culture, ubiquitous drug use, the Women’s Movement, and Watergate just to mention a few happenings. This time period was one of the most fractured and uncertain in the United States’ history.

(Plenty of scope there for a novel I would think Kathleen!)

Making It Work follows Sheila Doty Gallagher as she attempts to make peace with this deeply chaotic world. Amid never-ending demands from her family, her friends, her work, and even the war itself, she struggles to find her place in life while staying true to herself. The feminists of this era have often been stereotyped as radical and brazen. Sheila is a teenager when her story begins, and through her inner voice, as well as her intuition about the consequences of decisions and actions, the reader sees a more accurate depiction of women during this time period who were trying to figure out how to make it work. So many of the experiences and challenges Sheila goes through are still relevant today. The details have changed with the passage of time, but most younger women will identify with Sheila’s struggles.

(This sounds so interesting.)

I’m hoping that some of her story will resonate for you, Linda.

(As I became a teenager during that time I’m sure it will.)

What else have you brought along and why?


While writing fiction is my primary activity, I horseback ride for fun. I’d like to share some photos of my horse, Irish. I’ve owned him for two years — two exciting, educational, and growth-filled years. He has not been an easy horse. Irish is far from push button — the kind of horse that you tell to walk, trot, or canter and they do exactly that. With Irish, I’ve had to learn exactly the correct aids to get him to do what I want him to do — particularly at the canter. We’re currently working on flying lead changes. Riding him takes patience, commitment, and consistency, just like my writing does.

(He certainly seems to have a glint in his eye…)

IMG_2560 (1)

All this said, he is sweet and lovable, and very cooperative when I’m not in the saddle. I have found that having a close relationship with a horse can be extremely therapeutic. Mindfulness is a popular idea, and being with Irish helps me to forget about everything else, lets all my problems float away while I’m completely in the moment. Even the kindest, most dependable horse might spook, and from my own mishaps I realize how quickly falls can happen. The more I’m with Irish mentally, the more I anticipate his every mood and movement, the safer I feel. As a bonus, I get some of my best story ideas after I’ve spent time with him.

(It sounds like the perfect relationship to me.)

One of the happiest parts in Making It Work is when Sheila stays with a family in Virginia for several months and exercises one of their horses. Riding often shows up in my stories.

I’m wondering, do you have any experiences with horses, Linda? Or other animals? There are also cats in Making It Work. I have two who live with me.

(I do have experience with horses but the less said about that the better! Cats, however, are more my thing. Just look around the room we’re in and you can see so many cat items and images.)

Thank you so much for staying in with me this evening Kathleen and telling me all about Making It Work. I’ve really enjoyed our time chatting and am thrilled to be able to offer an e-book of Making It Work as a giveaway. 

Making it Work


It is 1965 and nineteen-year-old Sheila Gallagher is grateful to have finally escaped her dysfunctional family and married her high school sweetheart. Unfortunately she has barely unpacked in their Minneapolis apartment when Jim reveals he has joined the navy. Now her plan to earn a music degree is foiled. Still, Sheila puts her dreams on the back burner, and follows Jim to California for his first assignment.

A few months after their arrival in Long Beach, Jim is deployed to Vietnam. As Sheila attempts to navigate in a strange city without her husband, she begins to question Americas military actions. And when Jim finally returns, he shocks her once again with his decision to re-enlist, prompting their divorce. As Sheila’s desire for a new beginning leads her to San Francisco, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery where she participates in anti-war demonstrations and searches for true love, meaningful friendships, and the courage to pursue her dreams. But in a time of great political and cultural change, Sheila is about to discover that a worthwhile goal can be difficult to achieve.

In this historical tale, a young woman sets out on a ten-year quest to overcome obstacles and create the future of her dreams during a tumultuous time in America.

Published by Archway, Making It Work is available for purchase here.

About Kathleen Glassburn


Kathleen Glassburn has always wanted to write as well as read; thus began her first efforts, which ended up in mimeographed school publications. When Kathleen was twenty-four she moved to Seattle; her perfect place to live. Kathleen worked in the financial community, married and had a son and a daughter. She received her BA in English from the University of Washington, followed by an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles.

As well as writing and reading Kathleen plays the piano, horseback rides, take long walks with her husband and dogs, and travels.

You can visit Kathleen’s website for more information.

Giveaway: An E-copy of Making It Work by Kathleen Glassburn


For your chance to win an e-copy of Making It Work by Kathleen Glassburn click here.

Open internationally, this giveaway closes at UK midnight on Sunday 29th July 2018. Following the random selection of the winner, no data will be retained by Linda’s Book Bag from entries and the publicist will be responsible for ensuring the prize winner receives their e-book. Good luck!

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