Paramedic Chris by Tim Parsons

paramedic chris

I’ve been so lucky to review a range of children’s books on Linda’s Book Bag but I really want to support Paramedic Chris by Tim Parsons because Tim is very much hoping he can raise enough funds to support people by opening a retreat centre within his local community and monies raised from sales will go towards that.

Published by New Generation on 14th March 2018, Paramedic Chris is available for purchase here.

Paramedic Chris

paramedic chris

It is another day for Paramedic Chris as he travels with Paramedic Zara but are all of the calls genuine today?

My Review of Paramedic Chris

Paramedics Chris and Zara have a busy day answering calls – but not all are genuine emergencies.

I was very impressed by Paramedic Chris. Firstly I would say that the balance of text to picture was really good, with plenty of story and a good plot as Chris and Zara carry out their duties. The images themselves are bright, colourful and engaging and the only change I would make would be to have a bit more cultural diversity in them so that not all characters are Caucasian. The slightly naive image style will really appeal to children.

There’s so much of value in the story because it provides a safe and entertaining way to introduce children to the ambulance service, to the implications of making hoax calls and to the kind of accidents and illnesses that they may encounter so that there can be family or school discussions without threat. Difficult situations are demystified and this is a very important element of Paramedic Chris. I also think adults will appreciate the nuances of Luke wanting to see his working Mum and the references to what it is really like on the front line of this particular service with long waits at accident and emergency and paperwork to complete.

I thought the vocabulary was excellent. Paramedic Chris is accessible to more able readers independently and provides some more challenging words to develop language where the book is shared between adult and child. I could also see the story being turned into a drama by older children for younger ones in schools. The most important element, however, is the entertaining way in which children are made to understand the implications of making a hoax emergency call.

I really recommend Paramedic Chris. It’s a good story, it’s well written and presented and it can be used and enjoyed on many different levels with children so that it represents excellent value. I hope it does really well.

About Tim Parsons


Tim Parsons is Chaplain to South East Coast Ambulance Service. Tim realised that the ambulance service wasn’t really represented in children’s fiction and has set out to rectify that with his Paramedic Chris series. Tim hopes one day to open a retreat centre to support people in the local community and proceeds from sales of Paramedic Chris will help towards that vision.

You can follow Tim on Twitter @chaplainparsons and there’s a smashing clip of Tim on Songs of Praise celebrating 70 years of the NHS that you can see here.

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