Staying in with C. T. Sullivan

C T Sullivan 12-10-2017

Having lived and worked in New York for a while I love it when I find new to me authors who either live in The Big Apple too or who have set their books there. Consequently, it gives me great pleasure to welcome C.T. Sullivan to Linda’s Book Bag today to tell me about one of his books.

Staying in with C.T. Sullivan

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Chris. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Not only is it a pleasure, Linda, but it’s raining outside.

Not in the UK it isn’t! It’s been unusually hot and dry here. You can’t have good weather all the time. We’ll just have to chat about books. Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

C T Sullivan 12-10-2017

I’ve brought Apple Insider – An Englishman in New York. Pegasus gave birth to it three months ago and I think it’s ready to venture out on its own.

(Now this does pique my interest having been an Englishwoman in New York!)

What can we expect from an evening in with Apple Insider?

A journey full of fun and discovery. When my wife, Deborah, was seconded to her New York office for three months, I was part of the package. There, purely as ballast, I decided to keep an account of my experiences and observations whilst foraging around in the bizarre, fascinating and naughty bits of Manhattan’s historical underbelly. Apple Insider is an informative and humorous account of my three- month stay in the city that appears to ignore the practice of sleep. The book has been described as ‘a sort of Bill Bryson in reverse.’ Well, if it is only half as good as that then the wonderful Mr Bryson will be twice as good as me. I’ll take that!

(I bet you will. I love the sound of Apple Insider.)

Grahame Pearson, magazine editor, wrote:

Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, yellow cabs, the Empire State Building – Sullivan has anecdotes to tell about them all. He has a gift of regaling the reader with facts but in a way which will leave you breathless with laughter. I loved it.

Susan Davis, prize-winning author and literary critic, wrote:

C T Sullivan captures the spirit of NYC with all its many quirks and contradictions with wit and style. Apple Insider is a funny book, liberally peppered with comic gems and set-pieces. The setting is powerfully evoked, becoming almost a living presence ensuring the reader will feel they have made the trip with the author. Some stunning imagery and very fine writing make this a thoroughly entertaining read. 

(You must be delighted with those comments Chris. I will have to travel back to New York as soon as I can through Apple Insider.)

What else have you brought along and why? 


I’ve brought along, as my guest, my golden Labrador Woof. This is because he loves Apples, he is English and he’s never been to New York.

(Isn’t he just adorable? This is usually a cat oriented house – I almost said cathouse but that would have different connotations with the American connection – but Woof is very welcome.)

central park

Also a picture of Central Park, which is not just a miracle of engineering slipped into the middle of a concrete jungle, but an oasis of calm. Without this mollifying, predominately green escape I would, most likely, have had to write this book with crayons from a secure facility.

(I agree. What a place to go.)

Thanks so much for staying in with me and chatting all about Apple Insider Chris. It has made me want to head back to New York and to read the book as soon as I can.

Apple Insider

C T Sullivan 12-10-2017

When Chris accompanies his wife Deborah on her secondment to her New York office, it heralds ninety-one days of joy, frustrations and craziness.

As he uncovers this amazing city’s history of surprises and seedy secrets, join him in his many adventures, from dicing with death in an elevator, entertaining a wacky wedding party and having a set-to with a mad traffic cop, to Deborah being arrested by airport security in Toronto.

Apple Insider –  An Englishman in New York is available for purchase through the publisher links here.

About C T Sullivan


Christopher Sullivan was born in London’s East End amid tough, sharp-witted cockney characters, but was brought up in a Wimbledon council flat from an early age. After a grammar school education he had a long and successful career as a city money-broker. On leaving the city, whilst learning his craft as an author, he worked as a lorry driver, landscape gardener, film extra, and sung and played guitar in pubs and wine-bars.  He is a singer-songwriter, performs stand-up musical comedy and has written short stories and poems from the age of ten. Loves: music, sport, Woof and wife (not necessarily in that order). His first novel, crime thriller Reasonable Force, was published by Pegasus in 2015.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @Sullyonair, find him on Facebook and visit his website for more details.

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