Staying in with Ian Patrick

Rubicon Cover

So many wonderful bloggers are turning their hands to organising blog tours and I’m delighted to have been asked by lovely Emma of DampPebbles to take part in this one for Rubicon by Ian Patrick. I invited Ian to stay in with me to tell me all about Rubicon and luckily he agreed!

Staying in with Ian Patrick

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Ian. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

The pleasure’s all mine. Thanks so much for the invite, it’s a lovely place to chill out here.

Thanks! Though to be honest, a flick round with the duster before you arrived wouldn’t have gone amiss! I know you’ve brought Rubicon along to share this evening so why have you chosen it? 

Rubicon Cover

I only have one book published so thought that would be the best one to bring. Rubicon is my debut novel set in London. I’ve chosen this one, as it’s very special to me. Your readers may find it interesting.

(Congratulations on your debut Ian.)

What can we expect from an evening in with Rubicon?

Many questions! My book is fast, taught, suspenseful and compelling. I have a strong narrative and tend to do away with long sentences for word count sake and concentrate on the here and now. I let the reader fill in the gaps in their own way.

(It sounds as if Rubicon will be a breathless read!)

Rubicon is primarily concerned with austerity, corruption and objectives. It’s a book that explores two different officer’s values and goals. DS Sam Batford is a corrupt undercover officer seconded to the National Crime Agency to infiltrate an Organised Criminal Network run by a guy called Big H who’s importing cocaine. DCI Klara Winter is the Senior Investigating Officer on the investigation and wants the job done well and people locked up. DS Sam Batford wants the cocaine for his own gain. It’s a cat and mouse chase to the end where truth and lies collide.

Here’s one reader’s review:

It’s not hard to see why Ian Patrick’s pacey crime thriller, Rubicon, has been optioned for television. First of all, it oozes authenticity – hardly surprising given the author’s former incarnation as an undercover Met officer. Patrick is such a skilled writer that the detail is drawn lightly, with Batford’s backstory, complex chains of command and a multi-layered investigation seamlessly woven into the story.

It paints a deeply compelling portrait of corruption and moral ambiguity that’s reminiscent of Line of Duty, exploring a world in which villains and police officers are often two sides of the same coin. This is certainly true of the protagonist, Batford, a mesmerising central figure who more or less steers the entire novel in his confident first person voice.

Batford is a fascinating mix of the solitary, mindful and brutal. He’s tender one minute, dispatching raw justice the next. As for his motives, there’s a question mark hanging over him, even at the end. But for me, this is the most satisfying element. He’s human, pulled in different directions by his conflicted, troubled history, while operating in a world where doing the right thing is far from straightforward. Bring on the sequel!

(Wow! You must be thrilled – both with this review and also the optioning for television Ian. How wonderful.)

What else have you brought along and why? 

I’d like to bring and listen to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott Heron as we sit back and chat. I’ve brought along my dog Fargo. He’s a thirty-kilo slouching Spinone who evokes rest and calm of an evening.

(Fargo does take up quite a bit of room on the sofa doesn’t he?)


Also, my medals. They remind me of my police service as a Detective Sergeant with the Met Police. You probably wouldn’t be interested in those but if you got bored you may wish to pin them on and march around the room. You may as well take the dog with you too as he enjoys a walk.

(I am interested Ian – you’ll have to tell me more another time…)

TV 2

A Television! Why? The BBC has optioned Rubicon for a six part series! We could compare the book with the TV adaptation, if you’re still happy with my company by then!

(Wow! So exciting. You’ll definitely have to return so we can have that discussion Ian!)


Finally I’d bring a Woodspirit as he reminds me of the trees, sea and air back home. It would fit with the porch we’re sat on while drinking, talking and enjoying the freedom.

(I love that Woodspirit Ian. I’m assuming it’ll be OK to hang on to him when you and Fargo leave?)

Thanks so much for staying in with me Ian and bringing along Fargo to chat all about Rubicon. It sounds like exciting times are ahead and I wish you every success.


Rubicon Cover

Two cops, both on different sides of the law – both with the same gangland boss in their sights.

Sam Batford is an undercover officer with the Metropolitan Police who will stop at nothing to get his hands on fearsome crime-lord Vincenzo Guardino’s drug supply.

DCI Klara Winter runs a team on the National Crime Agency, she’s also chasing down Guardino, but unlike Sam Batford she’s determined to bring the gangster to justice and get his drugs off the streets.

Set in a time of austerity and police cuts where opportunities for corruption are rife, Rubicon is a tense, dark thriller that is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Rubicon is available for purchase from the publishers, Farenheit Press, here.

About Ian Patrick

ian patrick

Educated in Nottingham, Ian left school at sixteen. After three years in the Civil Service he moved to London for a career in the Metropolitan Police.

He spent twenty-seven years as a police officer, the majority as a detective within the Specialist Operations Command. A career in policing is a career in writing. Ian has been used to carrying a book and pen and making notes.

Now retired, the need to write didn’t leave and evolved into fiction.

You can follow Ian on Twitter @IPatrick_Author and there’s more with these other bloggers:

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