Rover by Michael Berger


My thanks to Mia Harris at Author Solutions for a copy of the children’s book Rover by Michael Berger in return for an honest review.

Published by Simon and Schuster imprint, Archway, Rover is available for purchase in the usual places including directly from the publisher here and on Amazon.



Julia is a little girl who has always wanted a puppy, just like many other little boys and girls. One exciting day, her wish comes true!

A puppy who can talk appears at the school bus stop one morning, running out of the woods. He comes to Julia and asks her to take him to school. Julia decides she wants to keep him forever—but first she must get permission from her mother to become the puppy’s owner. If her mother says yes, Julia is hoping to find a new wonderful friend. But what will she name her new friend?

In this children’s story, a little girl waiting for her school bus meets a magical puppy who can talk and who wants to become her dog.

My Review of Rover

Waiting for the school bus, Julia discovers a talking puppy.

Rover is a quaint and charming story about the blossoming relationship between a little girl and a puppy. It works at a very simple level so that children will relate to it easily. Although it is modern in setting, Rover draws on the great traditions of children’s stories with a talking animal, and in beginning ‘Once upon a time’ leading through the narrative to Julia and the puppy living happily ever after.

When the puppy is missing I think there’s a good opportunity to engage children in the story as they guess what may have happened so that they can enjoy the story on more than one level.

I thought the illustrations accompanying the story were very effective and their child-like quality will appeal to children. Indeed, I’m sure many children will really enjoy this story.

About Michael Berger

Michael Berger has been creating fun stories for his only daughter for many years and is now sharing one of her favorites. He is a father, an insurance agent, and an elite Ironman triathlete. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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