Staying in with Aiki Flinthart

shadows Wake

I’ve been meeting all kinds of new authors as I stay in with them to discuss books and they bring a wide range of experience and objects with them. Having stayed in with Aiki Flinthart I’m beginning to wonder if I ought to check their bags before I let them in for the evening!

If you’re an author who’d also like to stay in with me to tell me about one of your books, please click here for more details.

Staying in with Aiki Flinthart

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag, Aiki. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Hey, Linda, no worries. (Aussie for ‘thanks.’) Glad to be here. Have my cup of tea ready. Let’s go.

(An author who likes tea is my kind of guest!)

Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it? 

shadows Wake

That’s a tough one, strangely enough. I’ve got two separate trilogies coming out this year and I love both of them. But for today we’ll go with Shadows Wake. Because who doesn’t love a girl who can throw knives and pick locks? It’s the first in a trilogy about Rowan Gilmore and the beginning of a series called the Ruadhan Sidhe novels, all set in the same universe.

(Ooo. You’ll have to return another time to tell us about your other trilogy too.)

What can we expect from an evening in with Shadows Wake?

An evening in with Shadows Wake ought to have your heart beating a little faster and you reaching for the phone to order takeaway, rather than waste time cooking. Well, that’s the plan, anyway. If I’ve done my job right. It’s an action/urban fantasy story for Young Adult and New Adult readers. Set in tropical Cairns, Queensland, Australia – for those who’d like to travel but haven’t the time. Reading’s the next best thing.

(I’ve been to Cairns so I’d love to return there through reading – not least as it rained quite a lot of the time I was there!)

Shadows Wake follows Rowan Gilmore, an eighteen year old who – with her mother – has been running from an unknown enemy since she was four. Running and hiding her extraordinary strength, speed, and precognitive abilities. But all without knowing why she’s hiding or who from.

Now, she’s had enough and she’s about to take a stand. But she has a darkness within that, if released, will kill everyone she cares about – and more.

And, in case you’re wondering, it’s not vampire, shape-shifter, or zombie story.

(Well I did wonder. I think Shadows Wake sounds intriguing and exciting.)

What else have you brought along and why?


I’ve brought along a photo of my own (very scarred and well-used) throwing knives. I’m a bit of an action junkie so I tend to try whatever my characters can do. Consequently, although I had already trained for many years as a martial artist and swordswoman, I now also do archery and knife-throwing.

(Good grief! I’m glad I didn’t know all that before I let you in…)


The second photo is me using my horsebow – while dressed as a pirate. It was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Sept 17th. What can I say? I’m a sucker for pirates?

Anyway, knife-throwing and archery are both lovely, Zen things to do after work. You have to clear your mind and repeat the exact motions each time or the knife hits the board wrong and it’s very loud. I’m sure the neighbours hate it when I miss. And no, you can’t pick up a random kitchen knife and throw it a random distance and expect to hit the target with anything pointy. Rowan’s been training since she was six, so she’s a lot better than me.

But, although Rowan gets to do lots of kicking-butt in this story, I actually wanted to write an Urban fantasy that wasn’t as dark and gritty as the current trend for them seems to be. So while there’s darkness in Rowan, she’s a decent person just trying to do her best to defeat her monsters – external and internal. Isn’t that what most of us are doing?

Will she succeed in mastering those monsters, though? Well, that would be spoilers, so you’ll have to find that out yourself.

(I will indeed Aiki. I can’t wait to read Shadows Wake now and it has nothing to do with the fact you’re really quite scary!)

Thanks so much for staying in with me to introduce Shadows Wake, Aiki. I’ve really enjoyed finding out about it. 

Have a good night in!

I will if you make sure you take those knives when you go!

Shadows Wake

shadows Wake

Rowan Gilmore and her mother, Anna, have spent most of Rowan’s life running, hiding Rowan’s speed, strength and precognitive powers—but without knowing why she’s different, why they have to hide, or who from.

And Rowan’s sick of running scared. But she has to continue, because she also harbours a dark power that emerges only when she’s afraid or in danger.

A power that kills indiscriminately.

When she moves to Australia, a street fight reveals Rowan’s abilities to a stranger, Fynn, and she must decide whether to run again or stay and risk discovery by her pursuers.  Her mother has found happiness with a new partner and Rowan is reluctant to wreck it.  So, after foiling another kidnap attempt, Rowan makes her decision. The time has come to stand her ground.

And Fynn and his family become allies, with promises to help fight her unknown enemy – and to reveal the truth behind her extraordinary abilities.

But what’s his agenda? Can he be trusted? And who are the Mors Ferrum operatives Fynn says are chasing Rowan? What do they want? What is the ocair thing they keep asking about?

Most of all, what happens if the darkness lurking in her mind wakes and comes out to play?

In order to stand against the Mors Ferrum in the final battle, Rowan must learn to trust someone for the first time in her life. And let him help her control the darkness within.

Released on 25th March 2018, Shadow’s Wake is available for preorder here.

About Aiki Flinthart

Aiki 1

Aiki Flinthart has always written, but has only recently taken it further than just a hobby. Her 80AD YA portal fantasy series (2012) was so successful she has spent the last few years learning how to write better so as to do justice to the myriad of stories in her head. She’s recently had a story shortlisted in the USA Writers of the Future competition (2017), and in the Australian Aurealis Speculative Fiction Awards (Science fiction) 2018. Her Shadows Trilogy is coming out in 2018, along with the Kalima Chronicles science fiction trilogy in 2018/2019. She has also edited a short story anthology, Return, of speculative fiction works.

What her heroines do, she does – knife throwing, archery, swordfighting, martial arts. Write what you know, and all that.

You can find out more by visiting Aiki’s website, following her on Twitter @AikiFlinthart or finding her on Facebook.

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