A Publication Day Spotlight on Whispers of Hope by Charlie Albert

Whispers of hope

I am offered so many books for review that I simply can’t accept them all and today I’m featuring one I’m sorry that I had to pass by. Whispers of Hope by Charlie Albert sounds an important book and I am pleased that at least I can spotlight it on Linda’s Book Bag today. Even better, Charlie and I went to the same university so it’s a bit of a trip down memory lane for me too!

I’m also thrilled that not only is Charlie a newly published author today, but the publishing house Whispers Publishing is new too so I’m delighted to support them both.

Published today, Whispers of Hope is available for purchase here.

Whispers of Hope

Whispers of hope

Divorce or separation of a partnership when children are involved can be painful experiences for everyone, not least the children who are the innocent parties.

These six stories based on true events, demonstrate the lengths that some parents will go to, to stop the other parent from having access to their child. Whilst they are shocking, they are written to give hope and to shine a light on this tragic issue.

About Charlie Albert

Charlie Albert, 50 years old. He is currently single and now has a good relationship with his ex-partners, the mothers of his five children. Charlie has four grown up children with his first wife and a young son with his second wife.

Charlie Albert secured residency for his own son Junior in 2013 after a 3-year battle and legal fees in excesses of £100,000. The last year Charlie represented himself employing a barrister in March 2013 for the Final hearing. Charlie is now in a good place with his ex-wife who sees Junior on a regular basis.

Based on all of the above Charlie used this experience to assist other separated parents.

Charlie studied his first year of law at the University of Essex and has not ruled out continuing with his studies.

He was born and raised in London. He has been in the hospitality industry since a teenager. Charlie initially trained as a chef and built his way up to own and co-own Restaurants and Hotels.

Since securing residency of Junior and gaining knowledge of the family courts. Charlie is currently semi-retired. Charlie has just completed his first book, Whispers of Hope and currently writing his second book Shadowed Tears as he feels the time is now right to share these experiences with a wider audience. He is also about to invest in a new Middle East restaurant concept in the city of London. Charlie privately continues to assist single parents in family matters.

You can follow Charlie on Twitter @charliea_author and there’s more on Facebook.

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