Staying in with Lizzie Lamb

Girl in the castle

I’m thrilled to welcome an author I’ve met in real life to Linda’s Book Bag to stay in with me today. This time it’s lovely Lizzie Lamb.

If you’re an author who’d also like to stay in with me to tell me about one of your books, please click here for more details.

Staying in with Lizzie Lamb

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Lizzie. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Hi Linda and thanks for the invitation. February is a miserable month, so sitting by the fire with a friend talking about books, maybe sharing a wee dram of uisge beatha, is a good way to spend an evening waiting for spring to arrive.

You might well be right! Tell me, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?


I’ve brought along my latest contemporary romance, Girl in the Castle to share with you. In this novel I’ve been able to give my imagination free rein and use some of the romantic tropes I’ve jotted down in my Writer’s Notebook. It’s my favourite book to date (mind you, I say that about every novel I finish!) and quite a few readers have told me that they wish they were Henriette, Girl in the Castle. With a sexy, brooding kilted hero living in the same castle, who can blame them?

(Who indeed!)

I’d love to share an extract with you to give a flavour of the novel. Here, the heroine and the castle’s chatelaine are sitting round the fire exchanging the craic, much as we are now.

Alice’s sitting room commanded a fine view of the loch and was the warmest room in the castle, thanks to the fire kept burning twenty-four-seven, at her command . . . The room had two large windows set at right angles, and on the remaining walls tapestry were hung to keep out the draughts. At night, it was easy to imagine the castle was a ship sailing untroubled across a wide ocean, the only light visible the beacon on the jetty at the far side of the loch. This evening, the castle—for all its leaks, creaks and lack of modern day facilities—felt solid and dependable and Henriette relaxed, secure in the knowledge that no one could cross the loch unless Lachlan, the boatman, fetched them.  

This sounds so welcoming Lizzie. So, what can we expect from an evening in with Girl in the Castle?

Linda’s Book Bag readers might like to have a look at this trailer for Girl in the Castle as they will get a real feeling of the Scottish Highlands.

(That’s smashing Lizzie. I love the atmosphere – and the kilts!)

Having set the scene, let me share what some readers have said about Girl in the Castle:

“A witty, entertaining and well researched modern day romance set in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands with a strong, intelligent heroine, brooding love interest and a cast of quirky characters. What’s not to love?!”

“ I am so envious of Henri’s job as an historian researcher, and even more so of her Scotsman in a kilt. I loved the characters, the setting and all of the little bits of Scotland that Lizzie manages to get into her novels.”

“I want to be the Girl in the Castle!”

“Lizzie always delivers great romances and the hottest of heroes.”

(You must be thrilled with those responses.)

What else have you brought along and why? 

Me, waiting for boat over to Castle Stalker

Tonight, I’ve brought along a fine bottle of single malt whisky to keep out the winter chills,  two portions of Cranachan, a dessert made with raspberries, oats, whisky and cream, and a tin of homemade Scottish Tablet to nibble on while we look at photographs and a painting of Castle Stalker, Appin, the inspiration behind Girl in the Castle.


(Oo. Hang on a minute whilst I fetch a couple of spoons!)

photograph of my poster of Castle Stalker

Two summers ago the laird, complete with kilt, took us across to the castle in his boat. Later, standing on the battlements and looking across the loch, the plot of Girl in the Castle began to take shape in my mind – the rest  of history…

Girl in the Castle for iPhone

You’ve made me want to read Girl in the Castle (and visit Scotland) so much. Thank you for staying in with me Lizzie. It’s been fun.

Girl in the Castle

Girl in the castle

Her academic career in tatters, Dr Henriette Bruar needs somewhere to lay low, plan her comeback and restore her tarnished reputation. Fate takes her to a remote Scottish castle to auction the contents of an ancient library to pay the laird’s mounting debts. The family are in deep mourning over a tragedy which happened years before, resulting in a toxic relationship between the laird and his son, Keir MacKenzie.

Cue a phantom piper, a lost Jacobite treasure, and a cast of characters who – with Henri’s help, encourage the MacKenzies to confront the past and move on.

However – will the Girl in the Castle be able to return to university once her task is completed, and leave gorgeous, sexy Keir MacKenzie behind?

Girl in the Castle is available for purchase here.

About Lizzie Lamb

author photo (3)

After teaching her 1000th pupil and working as a deputy head teacher in a large primary school, Lizzie decided pursue her first love: writing. Lizzie joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted (2012), followed a year later by Boot Camp Bride. She published a third novel Scotch on the Rocks in July 2015. It achieved Best Seller status within two weeks of appearing on Amazon and was shortlisted for the prestigious Exeter Novel Prize. In Spring 2017 Lizzie published Girl in the Castle, which reached #3 in the charts. She is currently working on a novel set in Wisconsin – Sweet Little Lies, and has more Scottish-themed romances planned.

Lizzie is a founding member of indie publishing group New Romantics Press and has held Author Events at Waterstones High Street, Kensington, London and Aspinalls, London, and other local venues.

Lizzie lives in Leicestershire, England, with her husband David (aka Bongo Man) and their naughty parrot, Jasper.

You’ll find all Lizzie’s lovely books here. You can follow her on Twitter @lizzie_lamb, find her on Facebook and visit her website.

49 thoughts on “Staying in with Lizzie Lamb

  1. Wonderful night in with Linda and Lizzie and The Girl in the Castle, a wonderful book! I love all of Lizzie’s novels, a superb writer. Her characters are a delight, with dialogue that can make me laugh or cry. For me the romance in this particular novel is delicious, rather like the Cranachan, delicate, sweet yet robust and totally fulfilling! Yum.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. jessiecahalin says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Boot Camp Bride. Lizzie’s writing is clever, witty and fun. A wonderfully developed feisty, independent heroine. Intelligent writing!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Angela, running down three flights of spiral staircases to the castle kitchen to fetch a few more spoons. The room’s about to get very crowded.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. As well as being a true Scot, Lizzie is a real historian. On her annual pilgrimages, she always seems to pick up wonderful little gems to weave into her next story. I’ve loved every one! (She’s such fabulous fun to be with, too.) Have a great night, Linda!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Margaret Hood says:

    What more can I say. The previous replies have already said what a great, interesting, gripping read. I have enjoyed each one of your books and look forward to the next one. Make it quick!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Isabella says:

    Oh dear, I know we should be talking books, but that Cranachan is so lush! I must admit I hadn’t heard of it before, but it looks exactly like my sort of dessert! It’s always a pleasure reading your interviews, Linda! As for Lizzie, I am looking forward to her new book, and I hope it will be out soon (pretty please?)
    I loved Girl in the Castle and its setting. The characters will stay with you for a long time. See? I didn’t mention men in kilt once (oops, I just did). Fantastic photo of you by the loch, by the way, Lizzie. it’s one of my favourites 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  7. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Thanks Maggie, I’m writing as fast as I can. Thanks to you, too, for buying my paperbacks and shipping signed copies to Australia to your relles. Must do a book tour there, one day. LOL.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Thanks Isabella, next time you’re in the Uk I will make you some Cranachan, the raspberries in it will count as one of your ‘five- a-day’. I might even arrange for it to be served by a man in a kilt.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Sarah Houldcroft says:

    Yum to the desert! I see I am not alone in the comments about it either. I loved Lizzie Lamb’s latest novel. In fact I love all Lizzie’s novels and am looking forward to the next one 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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