All Her Starry Fates by Lady Grey

all her starry cover

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into reading poetry since I began blogging and was so pleased to be invited by fellow blogger and organiser Anne Cater of Random Things to take part in the tour for All Her Starry Fates by Lady Grey.

All Her Starry Fates is available for purchase here.

All Her Starry Fates

all her starry cover

In all her starry fates, Grey explores how the otherworldly relates to the everyday— with poems about love, loss, memory, inheritance, and belonging.

My Review of All Her Starry Fates

A collection of unusually structured poems with a real sense of looking for identity.

Firstly I have to say how I was drawn in by the title. I immediately wanted to know, ‘What about all her starry fates?’

I really enjoyed this collection. The structure of the poems is interesting with unusual use of punctuation and a lack of upper case letters that reflects the questioning and unformed character of the voice that seemed to be behind so many of the entries. In i wanted poetry for example, I loved the way the lower case I shows the vulnerability of the speaker and conveys a self loathing in 9 short lines.

I loved the imagery, especially the use of simile, the vocabulary related to nature, and the range of syntax so that some poems spill over with enjambement leading the reader from one thought to another like a stream of consciousness, whilst others have single word sentences that pull up the reader and make them slow down and think more clearly and acutely about what they have read. I thought the summative definitions at the ends of some of the poems were inspired.

I confess I hadn’t heard of Charles Bukowski and the poem dedicated to him sent me scurrying off to find out more so that the enjoyment of these poems lies not only within the pages of the anthology, but in things outside them too.

The themes of love, self knowledge and exploration, both physically and emotionally, resonate throughout. There’s so much self-doubt and uncertainty that I felt the emotions quite profoundly. I thought it interesting that in part three of the collection, poems began to have titles so that the poet seemed more confident, even when the self-doubt appeared to remain. There are many, many references to doors and windows as if the poet is always searching for a way out – or in – and is permanently on the threshold of being who they really want to be but never quite making it, and never giving up.

I really enjoyed All Her Starry Fates and feel that I could read and reread this collection many, many times and find new elements to consider and enjoy. This is a moving and interesting series of poems and I highly recommend them.

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