Celebrating Non-fiction Books with Karen Williams, Author of Book Marketing Made Simple

Bookmarketing made simple

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend an event of bloggers, publishers editors and other bookish folk held by Bookollective. One of the people I met and chatted to was Karen Williams, author of Book Marketing Made Simple, from Librotas whose enthusiasm for supporting authors shone through to the extent that I had to invite her on to Linda’s Books Bag to tell me about her passion for non-fiction.

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Book Marketing Made Simple

Bookmarketing made simple

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Your book may be a manual, textbook, how-to guide, self-help book, anthology, parable, memoir, or any type of book that you hope will be a marketing tool and credibility builder.

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Celebrating non-fiction books

A Guest Post by Karen Williams

When was the last time you picked up a self-help guide, business book or memoir? Or indeed any non-fiction book.

Although we all love a good story and a bit of escapism, there’s certainly merit in learning from the experiences and knowledge of others. In a world where fiction outsells non-fiction, go into any good bookshop, and you’ll see a range of non-fiction books on sale to motivate and educate readers.

So why are non-fiction books becoming more popular?

Many business experts and celebrities write in the non-fiction arena. To get noticed in this fast-paced and competitive world, writing a good book enables them to stand out from the crowd. A book is a great way for them to inspire others, build their community, and develop their credibility and expert status.

Many authors use their personal experiences to inspire their readers and provide practical advice. They can reach more people in this way, rather than simply replying on their website or social media presence.

Some readers will find that a good non-fiction book can help them when they’re going through a trauma or difficulty. For example, one of my clients, Emma Heptonstall, is the author of How To Be a Lady Who Leaves, a self-help book aimed towards women who are considering getting divorced. Emma’s book gives them valuable advice to help them to make the decision to stay or go, and then guidance on what to do next. This is an easy purchase for those who want help and are unsure where to go for this support.

how to be a lady who leaves

Real life stories will often support this learning. One client is sharing her experiences of her father who went through gender reassignment to become a woman 30 years ago, and the impact it had on her and her family. Another client is writing a book to support childless women, and a third is using her book to help those who have gone through cancer. They are all using stories to give hope to those going through similar experiences.

In addition, many people seek out non-fiction books to help with their learning and development. My clients are currently writing on a wide range of topics including visualisation, time management, retirement, confidence, happiness, raw food, and business.

An example of this is Kevin Stansfield, who has recently published The Big DipperHow to Survive the Rollercoaster Ride of Business Ownership,which is loosely based on his father’s story of buying a business off a guy in a bar. Parable in style, he shares the story in the book, interspersed with lessons that will inspire and educate small business owners.

The Big Dipper

One of the reasons why non-fiction books are becoming more common is that the publishing industry is changing. With the rising trend in self-publishing and hybrid or partnership publishing, it’s easier than ever before to write a book and get published. The downside is that anyone can say they’re a published author and this can impact on the quality of some books on the market.

That’s why I work with non-fiction authors who have a passion to share their experiences, stories and learning to make a bigger difference with their knowledge. As the author of five non-fiction business books myself, including my personal memoir, I know the value of supporting these authors to create a valuable, helpful, and marketable product that impacts positively on the lives of readers.

About Karen Williams

karen williams

Karen Williams is the Book Mentor at Librotas. She works with business experts who want to write and publish a book that grows their business, raises their credibility and attracts higher-paying clients.  She is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Simple, The Mouse That Roars, Your Book is the HookHow to Stand Out in Your Business and The Secrets of Successful Coaches.

Karen loves to speak, and she does some crazy stuff too like jumping out of planes and helping people to walk on hot coals too!

Find out more by following Karen on Twitter @librotas and on the Librotas website. You’ll also find her on Facebook.

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  1. This is fascinating. Not something I’d thought of before.Hopefully I’ll never need How To Be a Lady Who Leaves, but it sounds to be a useful book for anyone in a desperate situation. As for hot coals- I feel I tread on those most days with my characters!! Thanks both

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