Spotlight on Strictly My Husband by Tracy Bloom


Today I’m delighted to be taking part in a blog post with a difference via Brook Cottage Books. Not only am I spotlighting Strictly My Husband by Tracy Bloom, but you have an invitation to a very special Facebook party and a chance to win a copy of Strictly My Husband. See below for details.

The romantic comedy Strictly My Husband was released on 16th July 2016 and is available for purchase on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Strictly My husband


Couples who dance together stay together

Laura loves it when Tom takes her for a late night tango around the kitchen after their friends have gone home and they’re avoiding the washing up. She can’t dance but who cares when no one is watching?

All that changes when Tom arrives on the doorstep with Carly, a professional dancer, and announces he’s offered her the spare room to rent while she performs in a show that Tom is directing.

An outraged Laura doesn’t feel like dancing with Tom anymore but Carly does. It only takes two to tango, and given Tom’s history who knows where it could end? Will Laura be the one left watching from the sidelines whilst Carly waltzes off with her husband’s heart?


About Tracy Bloom


Tracy Bloom was born quite a while ago, is average to short in height, buys clothes based on their ability to hide stuff rather than show stuff, has chemically enhanced hair and wishes she had kept her braces in longer as a teenager. But apart from that she is really happy to try and describe herself!


Tracy has always liked to say it how it is in her writing, right from when she began her first novel No-one Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday nearly ten years ago. Her insight and wit has led her to be a number one bestseller, published in over a dozen countries and twice winner of the Love Stories Awards for Best Author Published Romance.

You can find Tracy on Facebook, Goodreads, and on Twitter. You can also visit her website.


Come and take part in the amazing Facebook party for Strictly My Husband! Fun, games, reviews, more prizes and oh and more fun! Click here or email for an invitation!

As well as prizes on the Facebook event party page Brook Cottage Books is also thrilled to offer you a chance to win a signed paperback copy of the book! Just click here to enter.

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