A Very Distant Affair by Faith Mortimer

a very distant affair

Having met lovely Faith Mortimer in person I’m delighted to be spotlighting and reviewing her latest novel A Very Distant Affair which is published today, 30th June 2016. A Very Distant Affair is available for purchase here.

I was lucky enough to interview Faith previously on Linda’s Book Bag and you can read that interview here. All of Faith’s wonderful books can be found here.

A Very Distant Affair

a very distant affair

A new novel of women’s literature from international bestselling author Faith Mortimer.

Cheryl Taylor, a landscape artist appears to have it all. Apart from fame and fortune, her attentive husband Daniel is brilliant at managing her business matters. Cheryl has allowed him full rule of her affairs from the day they were married…but twenty years later, she wonders whether she shouldn’t be quite so naive. Daniel is controlling and as she learns from one friend during an intimate conversation. “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend you know. They are a man’s best friend. They’re great at getting men off the hook, and keeping their women quiet.”

Feeling uncomfortable and troubled over her friend’s warning, Cheryl decides there is more to life than being successful and at the beck and call of a manipulative husband. She sets out to find what she really wants from life, and to her horror, discovers one earth-shattering secret after the next.

Her life in turmoil she visits Australia, where on a previous trip, she found contentment from an unexpected quarter. Michel, a widower, owns a winery and boutique hotel in New South Wales, and is as different from Daniel as chalk is to cheese.

Cheryl is drawn to this gentle Australian of French descent and feels her new-found strong will wavering. She returns to London to offer Daniel an ultimatum, only to discover the final shock which threatens all their lives.

My Review of A Very Distant Affair

Cheryl Taylor has fame and fortune – and a very controlling husband, Dan. A chance meeting with Michael will set off a chain of events to turn her world upside down.

I really enjoyed A Very Distant Affair. It’s a story of friendship, love and relationships that has an underlying resonance of truth and realism. There’s a subtle maturity to the writing that is so pleasing because I felt Faith Mortimer captured the very essence of what it was to be a woman in an unsatisfactory marriage. I thought the concept that money doesn’t buy happiness was brilliantly explored.

A Very Distant Affair doesn’t go off like a firework, but it glows like a warm fire on a winter’s evening and whilst the plot has considerable action, I didn’t feel this was the dominance in the story. It was the development of character, especially of Cheryl, and the exploration of emotions and human interaction that I found so fascinating. I was moved to tears in the second half of the book and, although I can’t say more without spoiling the read, I did wonder what I would have done had I been in Cheryl’s place.

I found it interesting that Cheryl was a landscape painter as Faith Mortimer has a real painter’s eye when it comes to describing setting. She can evoke an image in the reader’s mind that enhances the experience of reading the story and this was an element I enjoyed very much.

A Very Distant Affair is a lovely story that I think will resonate on many levels for so many readers. I really recommend it.

About Faith Mortimer


Faith Mortimer was born in Manchester and educated in Singapore, Malaya and Hampshire, England. A Registered nurse, she then changed careers to oversee a number of travel and sport related companies. Faith is happily married and has two children. Dividing her time between the south of England and Cyprus, she has written three series of books which are all standalone novels.

You can find Faith on FacebookTwitter, her website/blog, on Goodreads and on Amazon US and Amazon UK Author Pages.

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