Dropped Third Strike by Micah K. Chaplin Release Day Blitz

dropped third strike

When I began Linda’s Book Bag my intention was just to post an occasional review of the books I read. However, in the year since I began, the blog has evolved to try to support authors as much as I can. Today, I’m delighted to be spotlighting Micah K. Chaplin’s self-published novel Dropped Third Strike (A Portland Pioneers Novel #1) which is released today 6th June 2016. This adult romance is published in e-book and is available on Amazon. You’ll find more about it on Goodreads.

Dropped Third Strike

dropped third strike

Kate Marks is hitting it out of the park as general manager of the Portland Pioneers. Her childhood friend Reid Benjamin is struggling to hit anything at all and, as a result, has suddenly found himself out of a job. When Kate hires him as hitting coach for the Pioneers, she’s determined to keep everything strictly professional, but she has underestimated Reid’s charm. His proximity has forced her to face a past she would rather forget. Reid wants another chance, but Kate isn’t convinced he’s changed his game.

About Micah K. Chaplin

Micah Pic

Micah K. Chaplin is an Iowa girl with a passion for writing, live music and Texas Rangers baseball. Sometimes the three loves combine.

She earned a bachelor of arts degree in mass communication from Buena Vista University in 2002. She published her first novel in 2003 and you can find more of her writing here.

You can visit Micah’s website, find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


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