How to Throw Your Life Away by Laurie Ellingham

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It gives me enormous pleasure to be featuring How to Throw Your Life Away by Laurie Ellingham which was published on 14th April 2016.

I’m lucky enough to have met Laurie and to have read and reviewed her debut novel The Reluctant Celebrity here. Laurie was also kind enough to write a guest post for Linda’s Book Bag when I was just starting out as a blogger and you can read it here.

Today I have my review of How to Throw Your Life Away and Laurie is giving you a chance to enter to win a copy of the book and some yummy chocolates at the bottom of the post. Good luck!

How to Throw Your Life Away

Katy Davenport was the master of rising above it – until the day she snapped!

For thirty-two year old Katy Davenport it was the littlest thing… All her boyfriend had to do was answer her question about dinner. Not ignore her. Not continue to watch football like she didn’t exist.

In that moment Katy snaps. One moment of insanity and Katy throws her life away…

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How to Throw Your Life Away is available here.

My Review of How to Throw Your Life Away

Having been arrested on a domestic violence charge, Katy Davenport finds herself given a caution and a course of anger management. Little does she realise just how profound an effect on her life this will have.

My goodness this is a roller coaster of a read. Katy’s life is complicated, challenging and totally entertaining for the reader. Every time I thought a resolution was inevitable, Laurie Ellingham confounded my expectations and threw another complication into the works. There’s such emotion and humour too, so that reading How to Throw Your Life Away is thoroughly entertaining.

How to Throw Your Life Away is such a clever title as, although it very firmly applies to Katy, other characters also qualify for the dubious honour of having done just that. I think this is what makes How to Throw Your Life Away slightly different. There are some really serious issues and themes explored alongside the romantic elements, and although to explain too fully here would spoil the plot, they give a depth to the narrative alongside the humour and romance.

What also works so well is that in women’s fiction very often the lead female is more sinned against than sinning but Katy is a fully rounded character, full of contradictions, errors of judgement and flaws making her much more realistic and three dimensional than many others of this genre. She irritated me, I felt sorry for her, I wanted to shake her and I cheered her triumphs. I’d quite like her as a friend!

I really enjoyed How to Throw Your Life Away. Laurie Ellingham has a lightness of touch and a quality of style that enables the reader to be engrossed in the story and brilliantly entertained.

About Laurie Ellingham


When Laurie is not running around after her two young children, her husband, their cockerpoo Rodney, or just plain running, she loves nothing more than disappearing into the fictional world of her characters, preferably with a large coffee and a slab of chocolate cake to hand.

In the past five years Laurie has moved from East London to Chelmsford and she’s finally settled in a small village in the heart of the beautiful Dedham Vales on the Suffolk/Essex border.

When she’s in the thick of a character crisis she can often be seen walking around the village with her jumper on inside out and back to front, chatting (and occasionally laughing) away to herself.

Laurie has a First Class honors degree in Psychology and a background in Public relations, both of which help her in everything she does.

You can follow Laurie on Twitter and find out all about her on her website. You’ll also find Laurie on Facebook.

TODAY ONLY: Enter to win a copy of How To Throw Your Life Away with some lovely chocolates by clicking here.

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