The Reluctant Celebrity by Laurie Ellingham

The Reluctant Celebrity

Having met the author, Laurie Ellingham, at a book event, Laurie agreed to provide a guest post for my blog which can be read here. She also kindly provided a copy of her book, ‘The Reluctant Celebrity’, which was published by Austin Macauley on 29th May 2015, in return for an honest review. It is available in both paperback and ebook.

Heartbroken by the actions of her ex-boyfriend, the now famous Guy Rawson, Juliet Stewart reinvents herself as Jules and spends five years avoiding relationships and running away from the past. Unscrupulous media reports mean that her past is about to catch up with her and not necessarily how she wants.

I really enjoyed ‘The Reluctant Celebrity’ – so much so that I found myself thinking about what might happen to the characters when I wasn’t actually reading the book.

I found the writing eloquent, fresh and modern, but with the elements I’d expect of female romance literature so that it is a thoroughly entertaining and absorbing read. The plot speeds along, whilst having sufficient detail to enable the reader to participate fully in events. Once or twice I even had a tear in my eye. There’s a great balance in the third person narrative so that we understand both Jules and Guy’s perspectives brilliantly. The direct speech is so natural that it feels as if real people are talking. That takees real skill.

I loved all the characters from the taciturn Stan to the rather gorgeous Rich in the pub. I’m hoping Laurie Ellingham will write a sequel to ‘The Reluctant Celebrity’ that picks up the lives of some of these characters later.

Whilst being a light and entertaining read, there were some thought provoking elements too; the way the media can twist words and manipulate the unsuspecting, how we judge others without really knowing them and how our choices can affect not just us. These themes provided real substance to the storytelling and contributed to a totally satisfying read.

I’m sure many readers won’t have heard of Laurie Ellingham yet, but I think once they have, they are in for a real treat.

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