Waiting for You by Catherine Miller


I’m delighted to be part of the launch celebrations for Catherine Miller’s debut novel Waiting for You published by Carina UK on 10th March 2016. Waiting for You is available in e-book from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

It seems impossible to believe that Catherine is mum to young twins and battles various illnesses as well as being an author so I asked her how she managed to achieve what she has. You can read her reply below in an inspiring guest post.

Waiting for You


Waiting for You is an emotional and gripping debut novel you won’t be able to put down…

You’d never guess that Fliss Chapron doesn’t have it all

All Fliss wants is to see two blue lines telling her she is pregnant with her much longed for second baby. But as the negative tests stack up, dreams of completing her perfect family feel more hopeless every day.

After years of disappointment, Fliss’s husband Ben is spending more time at the office than in their marital bed, and Fliss finds herself wondering who could be responsible for their inability to conceive another child. Yet, where do you lay the blame when it comes to having a child – and can anyone really be at fault…

As Ben becomes increasingly distant, Fliss begins to question whether her desire for a baby is just a sticking plaster to save her marriage. Because in the end, how well can you ever know another person…even the man you’re married to?

Nothing Is Easy. Everything Is Possible.

A Guest Post by Catherine Miller


That’s been my mantra for life.

It was my mantra for the years I worked to be a physiotherapist.

It was my mantra in the years of attempting to become a writer after ill health meant I needed to change career.

It was definitely my mantra after giving birth to beautiful twin girls and at that point, only having written the first chapter of Waiting for You.

In Waiting for You, Fliss is desperate for a second baby. To her it’s important for her daughter to have a sibling and for the family to feel complete, but she’s quick to realise her marriage isn’t as happy as it once was. They have a dual living arrangement with her husband up in London during the week and with them in their Kent cottage at the weekends. The decision to have another child is put on hold while she tries to fix their marriage, but it doesn’t stop her from taking up an opportunity that might help that dream in the long run.

My mantra for life applies to Fliss. The path to what she is hoping to achieve hasn’t been easy, but she’s not willing to give up on the chance of a happy family, in whatever form that might take.

But why does anyone need a mantra?

Personally, I’ve always needed it because I’m dyslexic. When I was born my heart stopped three times during my breech delivery and as a result I had brain damage associated dyslexia. It’s led to a lifetime of people underestimating me. Of teachers saying things that are the opposite of encouragement. A lifetime of realising so what if it’s not easy? It doesn’t mean I won’t do it in the end.

I’m pretty sure my mantra can apply to all of us. Whatever it is we want to achieve in life, it’s possible if we’re determined enough. Ignore the doubters, the only person who should set the limits is you.


That’s a pretty important mantra to have Catherine. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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8 thoughts on “Waiting for You by Catherine Miller

  1. What Catherine hasn’t mentioned is that she has many other health issues too which makes it even more inspiring. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment.


  2. Catherine Miller says:

    I wrote those two sentences up and put them on the wall when I was studying for my GCSEs. I think I’ve applied them to everything ever since. Thank you for having me on the blog today, Linda.


  3. Catherine Miller says:

    My English teacher was pretty good, not all my teachers were discouraging. I think he’d be surprised to know I’m the pupil that ended up published. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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