River Road by Carol Goodman

River Road

‘River Road’ by Carol Goodman appeared as surprise book post through my letterbox. It is published on 19th January 2016 by Titan Books and is available in ebook and paperback direct from the publisher or on Amazon UK and  Amazon US.

When Professor Nan Lewis hits what she thinks is a deer on the road on her way back from a faculty party in New York state, little does she expect a police officer at her door the following morning to tell her that one of her favourite students, Leia Dawson, has been killed in a hit and run accident and that Nan is the chief suspect. Worse still, Nan’s own daughter was previously killed in a road accident in the same place…

‘River Road’ is a cracking thriller. It kept me guessing all the way through so that I suspected every character at some point as being Leia’s murderer. There’s an intensity of writing that really enthralls. The descriptions, particularly of the landscapes are dramatic and visual, allowing the reader to picture the scene perfectly.

I also loved the literary references that pepper the text. They are never intrusive, but they lend an authenticity to Nan’s role and character. I’m sure the author’s own teaching background has assisted with this extra layer of credibility.

The first person delivery gives pace and immediacy so that it is impossible not to want to read on and the plot races along, twisting and turning so that I felt my pulse increasing with the events. There’s certainly never a dull moment in Nan’s life.

I found the cast of characters completely believable and I really enjoyed the romantic aspect that emerged as a counterpoint to the murderous and thriller genre elements. ‘River Road’ also impresses because Carol Goodman isn’t afraid to tackle themes that can blight many lives, from alcoholism and drug addiction to complete and utter grief so that as well as being a thoroughly entertaining story, this is a novel of depth and substance too.

‘River Road’ is well written, exciting and entertaining – everything a good book should be. Thriller readers will love it.

You can follow Carol Goodman on Twitter and via her website. You’ll also find her on Facebook

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