Waiting for You by Catherine Miller


I’m delighted to be introducing a new book by Catherine Miller called ‘Waiting for You‘ which is published by Carina on 10th March 2016 and can be ordered here.

Today Catherine is holding a special Facebook Launch Event for ‘Waiting for You‘ where you can win prizes by visiting here. She also has a special message for readers at the bottom of this post.

About ‘Waiting for You’

Waiting for You is an emotional and gripping debut novel you won’t be able to put down…

You’d never guess that Fliss Chapron doesn’t have it all

All Fliss wants is to see two blue lines telling her she is pregnant with her much longed for second baby. But as the negative tests stack up, dreams of completing her perfect family feel more hopeless every day.

After years of disappointment, Fliss’s husband Ben is spending more time at the office than in their marital bed, and Fliss finds herself wondering who could be responsible for their inability to conceive another child. Yet, where do you lay the blame when it comes to having a child – and can anyone really be at fault…

As Ben becomes increasingly distant, Fliss begins to question whether her desire for a baby is just a sticking plaster to save her marriage. Because in the end, how well can you ever know another person…even the man you’re married to?

A message from Catherine:

Don’t Wait … To Back A Debut

We’re two strangers meeting in a bar for the first time: The Reader and The Writer. Well, probably not a bar. More likely a coffee shop, a cosy couch or if we’re really lucky a sun lounger by a pool. Where you take me is up to you. I’m happy to be read where you are most comfortable. Be it on the bus to work, outside the school gates or curled up in bed. Wherever it is, it’s a strange privilege to be with you. Then it’s my turn to take you on a journey to another life, another world. The one that until now only existed in my head. You are the person who will make it real. This is the friendship we start to weave and like the best kind of meetings with strangers, it’s my hope it lasts a lifetime.

Catherine x

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