New Year Give Away

Canary girls

Those lovely people at Quercus Books have sent me a copy of ‘The Canary Girls’ by Rosie Archer for review which is published in ebook and paperback on 7th January 2016. You can buy ‘The Canary Girls’ here. I’m really looking forward to reading it. However, as a lovely New Year prize, Quercus have allowed me to give one lucky UK reader their own paperback copy, so please enter by clicking on the Giveaway below.

In love and war, who can you trust?

1944, Hampshire.

Her face still bearing the scars from the explosion at the factory, Rita Brown is nonetheless back on her feet. She’s caught the eye of local wide boy Blackie Bristow, who’s sweeping her around the country in a life of shady glamour.

But there’s a war on, and life is not all fun and games. Some of the local men are taking advantage of the topsy-turvy world to break more than just hearts, and standing up to them comes with its own costs.

Rita keeps calm and carries on with a little help from her friends at the factory. But then she discovers someone there has been leaking secrets to the Germans. With D-Day on the horizon, Rita must work out who she can rely on – and fast.

Here’s your chance to win your own copy and you have until noon UK time on 8th January to enter:a Rafflecopter giveaway

15 thoughts on “New Year Give Away

  1. the holocaust has always fascinated me and even though it is one era i am glad i wasnt around in, in a way i wish i could have been there to try and make a difference and help stop some of the evil that happened.


  2. To answer the Rafflecopter Q. I have an interest in early medieval with a family search I’m doing, so for now I would like to live in North Hampshire at the time Empress Matilda was around, (early 1100’s) to see if I can get some answers about family rumours.


  3. Long flowing dresses, knights in shining armour – it would have to be the medieval period for me. I could sit in my solar and do my needle-craft without worrying about what’s for tea …!

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  4. Jenny Lowen says:

    Any 20s to 50s books or music switch on something inside me, as my Nan and Mum told me stories, dressed, sang and danced all those years to me. Such wonderful and intriguing times. Love to read and learn more.

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