Staying in with Emma Cowell on The House in the Olive Grove Publication Day

I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Emma Cowell to Linda’s Book Bag today to stay in with me to chat all about her latest novel. My huge thanks to Maddie at Avon Books for putting us in touch with one another. Let’s find out more:

Staying in with Emma Cowell

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag Emma.  Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me. Tell me, (as if I didn’t know!) which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why have you chosen it?

I’ve chosen my second novel The House in The Olive Grove to get us in the mood for summer and to enjoy all the delicious food I’ve brought with me! It’s set in a Greek cooking school, so we will be making supper together as they do in the book, so I hope you’ve got an apron handy!

I have indeed. I love Greek food so we could be in for a treat tonight! And what better way to celebrate today’s publication of The House in the Olive Grove? Congratulations!

What can we expect from an evening in with The House in the Olive Grove?

The book is a celebration of friendship and the magical bond that can happen when people cook together and break bread across a table. It’s a speedy way to get to know somebody and food is my love language.

It has been so heartening to hear how readers have connected with the three women in the novel and their very different stories and journeys. But they come together via the power of Greek food to face their hidden demons and form lasting friendships. One reader said it was ‘a deeply satisfying story of love, loss and friendship…so evocative it made me want to pack a bag!’ Someone else called it ‘food for the soul’- I will take that!

I imagine you will. I’m thrilled to have The House in the Olive Grove on my TBR. It sounds fabulous.

What else have you brought along and why have you brought it?

Since all my novels so far- including my current work in progress- are set in Greece, I’ve bought traditional Greek food for us to enjoy. I’ve made spinach and feta filo pie or spanakopita, and I’ll teach you how to make authentic Greek tzatziki that we can dip some courgette fritters into.

That sounds gorgeous. Feta is one of my favourite foods.

And if you have a sweet tooth, I have home-made Baklava for pudding. To drink, I’ve bought some bubbles to celebrate as this is my first blog adventure.

How exciting! And yes, I have a very sweet tooth.

To finish off our traditional Greek evening, I have a little Ouzo to accompany us in a game of Backgammon. I leant to play on a beach in Greece and I am absolutely hooked. As we play, I’d love to listen to some Leonard Cohen – I know he is an acquired taste- but he lived on a Greek island called Hydra which is where my third book will be set. So, I am going to inflict his gravelly voice and saucy lyrics upon you!

Hmm. Not so sure about Leonard Cohen Emma, but after a few glasses of fizz and an Ouzo or three I’m sure I’ll enjoy him singing! Thank you so much for staying in with me to chat all about The House in the Olive Grove. I think you’d better pour the drinks and I’ll give readers a few more details:

The House in the Olive Grove

Will one week in Greece change their lives for ever?

Chef Maria is running a successful cookery school in her home village of Petalidi, Greece – but she is also running from the secrets of her past.

Food journalist Kayla thought this was going to be just another work trip. But right before she leaves for Greece, she discovers that her whole life is built on a lie.

Jewellery-maker Alessandra has always lived according to her own rules – despite what it has cost her to do so. But she has just had some devastating news.

As these three very different women come together at the house in the olive grove, unlikely friendships blossom and a season of self-discovery begins. Will the sumptuous flavours, sapphire waters and golden sands of Greece give each of them the answers they so desperately seek?

The breathtaking, escapist second novel from Emma Cowell, perfect for fans of Victoria HislopCarol Kirkwood and Karen Swan.

The House in the Olive Grove is published today, 25th May 2023 by Harper Collins’ imprint Avon and is available for purchase through the links here.

About Emma Cowell

Emma lives in Cornwall with her husband, Tony, and their fur baby, a Russian Blue called Papoushka Gerald Cowell. A former actress and BBC presenter Emma is currently Head of Philanthropy for national charity Together for Short Lives. Outside of work, Emma is a keen angler and held a Cornish record for over 10 years until her crown was toppled. She is yet to get over it but tries to keep calm by practising yoga. Also, a keen linguist, Emma is attempting to learn Greek to maintain her love affair with the country where she has set her debut novel. She is yet to achieve a level of proficiency outside of tavernas and bakeries.

For further information, follow visit Emma’s website or follow Emma on Twitter: @EmmaLLoydCowell, and find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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