Summer at Green Valley Vineyard by Lucy Coleman

Despite hearing such good things about them, and having several on my TBR waiting for me, I’ve never read one of Lucy Coleman’s books so I’m delighted to rectify that by sharing my review of her latest Summer at Green Valley Vineyard today. My thanks to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

Summer at Green Valley Vineyard was published by Embla on 25th May 2023 and is available for purchase here.

Summer at Green Valley Vineyard

A beautiful vineyard. A new beginning. A summer that will change their lives forever…

Linzi arrived at Green Valley Vineyard nine years ago, in need of a fresh start. In the lush emerald countryside and ripening grapes, she finally has a place to call home.

But Linzi’s world is rocked when the owner announces he is retiring, and his grandson is taking over.

When Elliot Montgomery first sets foot at Green Valley, Linzi’s worst fears are realised. He’s stepped straight out of the boardroom in shiny shoes and a tailored suit. How will a numbers man like him ever understand the magic of what they do here?

Elliot has his own demons, carrying the grief of his father’s death. Despite their differences, he has come to the vineyard for a new beginning, much like Linzi once did.

As the summer unfolds, Elliot and Linzi find themselves in an uneasy alliance while old secrets threaten to be revealed.

Could more be about to bloom here among the twisting vines than they ever thought possible?

My Review of Summer at Green Valley Vineyard

Linzi’s life is about to change.

Summer at Green Valley Vineyard is a smashing book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

There’s a lovely conversational tone so that, whilst Linzi is wary of sharing confidences with others, it feels as if she is speaking directly to the reader. This has the effect of drawing in the reader so that they care about Linzi and the vineyard and they feel part of the narrative.

As a result of Lucy Coleman’s style, Summer at Green Valley Vineyard is an effortless read, but it contains several themes that engage the reader and immerse them in life at the vineyard. As well as a satisfying insight into how a small vineyard functions, there’s a smashing overarching theme of trust as well as a hint of mystery as Linzi’s reasons for leaving Italy and hunkering down in the Welsh valleys are gradually uncovered. Add in a smattering of romance, a touch of grief and some highly tricky family relationships and there really is an aspect for any reader to enjoy. 

I thought the characters were very well drawn. What Lucy Coleman does so well is to illustrate that people’s lives and innermost feelings might not be exactly as they present them to others. Summer at Green Valley Vineyard is a compassionate as well as an entertaining book because it makes us understand why people behave as they do. 

The exploration of viticulture and the role of nature within it has been so meticulously researched that it adds authentic depth to the story. I loved the presentation of the outside, natural world as a balm for troubled minds because it felt like a gentle reminder to make the most of each day and, like Linzi, to learn to be true to yourself. Summer at Green Valley Vineyard sets the scene of a Welsh Valley vineyard to perfection.

Summer at Green Valley Vineyard is charming, entertaining and interesting. I thought it would be a perfect summer read and thoroughly recommend it.

About Lucy Coleman

Image courtesy of Huw Fairclough

Lucy Coleman always knew that one day she would write, but first life took her on a wonderful journey of self-discovery for which she is very grateful. Family life and two very diverse careers later she now spends most days glued to a keyboard, which she refers to as her personal quality time.
‘It’s only when you know who you are that you truly understand what makes you happy – and writing about love, life and relationships makes me leap out of bed every morning!’
If she isn’t online she’s either playing with the kids, whose imaginations seem to know no bounds, or painting something. As a serial house mover together with her lovely husband, there is always a new challenge to keep her occupied!

For further information, follow Lucy on Twitter @LucyColemanauth, visit her website or find Lucy on Facebook and Instagram.

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