Thirty Days in Paris by Veronica Henry

I love Veronica Henry’s writing and it’s such a pleasure to be part of the Random Things Tours blog tour for her latest book Thirty Days in Paris. My thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me to participate. I’m delighted to share my review of Thirty Days in Paris today.

If you’re new to Veronica Henry’s writing, where have you been? You’ll find my review of The Impulse Purchase here, A Night on the Orient Express here and of A Wedding at the Beach Hut hereA Wedding at the Beach Hut was one of my books of the year in 2020.

Published by Orion on 13th April 2023, Thirty Days in Paris is available for purchase through the links here.

Thirty Days in Paris

Because Paris is always a good idea…

Years ago, Juliet left a little piece of her heart in Paris – and now, separated from her husband and with her children flying the nest, it’s time to get it back!

So she puts on her best red lipstick, books a cosy attic apartment near Notre-Dame and takes the next train out of London.

Arriving at the Gare du Nord, the memories come flooding back: bustling street cafés, cheap wine in candlelit bars and a handsome boy with glittering eyes.

But Juliet has also been keeping a secret for over two decades – and she begins to realise it’s impossible to move forwards without first looking back.

Something tells her that the next thirty days might just change everything…

My Review of Thirty Days in Paris

Juliet returns to Paris.

Thirty Days in Paris is, quite simply, glorious and I loved every word. Veronica Henry immerses her reader into the Parisian setting with such skill and atmosphere that it’s as if you’re sitting on the banks of the Seine reading it. Her descriptions of food, aromas and places are so evocative that reading Thirty Days in Paris made me desperate to head back there as soon as I can. There’s a magnificent authenticity to the way Paris is conveyed.

I loved the plotting and the structure of the book. It’s fascinating how Juliet’s first person ‘Ingenue’ sections are gradually uncovered with a hint of mystery that leads Judith to her current third person narrative. As a result, Judith is a multi-layered, compelling character who is utterly convincing. I adored meeting her. I thoroughly appreciated the lack of drama in her separation from Stuart because it felt so plausible and real. Not all marriages end in bitter drama. 

The story is just wonderful as Juliet lays to rest the demons of her past. I found Thirty Days in Paris emotionally mature, intelligent and appealing so that Veronica Henry moved me to tears with her ability to convey Juliet’s inner thoughts and feelings so effectively. Despite the fact that Thirty Days in Paris is uplifting and liberating with love at its core, it tugs at the heart strings too with its vibrating, melancholic sense of missed opportunities and what might have been. At the same time, this is a story of hope and encouragement. Forget youth. Forget life beginning at forty. What Veronica Henry shows you is that life begins at whatever point an individual decides and all that is needed is to be a tiny bit brave. I thought this message was outstanding. 

I loved meeting Olivier, Natalie and the Beaubois family too. Corrine adds a poignancy to the story that is a catalyst for Juliet’s life but the lightness of touch in Veronica Henry’s writing of this element is just perfect. 

Indeed, I thought Thirty Days in Paris was perfect all round. Whether it’s because Juliet is older than the thirty-something protagonists of so many novels, or whether it’s the author’s skilful use of the senses to create place, or perhaps the quality of emotion running through the story I’m not sure. Thirty Days in Paris has a je ne sais quoi that makes it a truly fabulous read. I absolutely loved every moment of reading it and it is one of my favourite books this year. 

About Veronica Henry

Veronica Henry has worked as a scriptwriter for The Archers, Heartbeat and Holby City amongst many others, before turning to fiction. She won the 2014 RNA Novel of the Year Award for A Night on the Orient Express and is a Sunday Times bestselling author of over twenty books. Veronica lives with her family in a village in north Devon and can often be found cooking up the perfect seaside feast.

Find out more by visiting Veronica’s website or following her on Instagram or Twitter @veronica_henry. You’ll also find her on Facebook.

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