The Only Child by Kayte Nunn

What an absolute pleasure to share details of my latest My Weekly online reviews. I hadn’t discovered Kayte Nunn’s writing before but I’m delighted to share details of my review of her latest book The Only Child.

Kayte has a short story in the magazine this week too so grab a copy!

Published by Orion in paperback on 16th February 2023, The Only Child is available for purchase through the links here.

The Only Child

1949 It is the coldest winter Orcades Island has ever known, when a pregnant sixteen-year-old arrives at Fairmile, a home for ‘fallen women’ run by the Catholic Church. She and her baby will disappear before the snow melts.

2013 Frankie Gray
 has come to the island for the summer, hoping for one last shot at reconnecting with her teenage daughter, Izzy, before starting a job as a deputy sheriff. They are staying with her mother, Diana, at The Fairmile Inn, soon to be a boutique hotel, but when an elderly nun is found dead in suspicious circumstances, and then a tiny skeleton is discovered in the grounds of the house, Frankie is desperate for answers.

At once an evocative, unsettling tale of past misdeeds and a crime thriller that will have you reading with your heart in your mouth, The Only Child is compulsively addictive storytelling from the bestselling author of The Botanist’s Daughter.

My Review of The Only Child

My full review of The Only Child can be found online on the My Weekly website here.

However, here I can say that The Only Child is a crime thriller, but even more it is a brilliant exploration of society, identity, history and morality that I thought was just wonderful.

Do visit My Weekly to read my full review here.

About Kayte Nunn

Kayte Nunn is the internationally bestselling author of seven novels including The Botanist’s Daughter (awarded the 2020 Winston Graham Award), The Forgotten Letters of Esther Durrant, The Silk House, The Last Reunion and The Only Child. Kayte’s novels are available worldwide in English, and have been translated into ten languages. Born in Singapore, raised in the US and the UK, she now lives in Northern NSW, Australia.

For further information, find Kayte on Instagram or visit her website. You’ll also find Kayte on Facebook.

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